Are Smart Baby Monitors Worth It?

Smart baby monitors promise a lot of different features, but many parents do not ever take a serious look at what they can offer. Even so, they can be

Smart baby monitors promise a lot of different features, but many parents do not ever take a serious look at what they can offer. Even so, they can be a major asset to any parent, and having one in your home can be useful when you need it most.

But are they worth it, especially compared to non-smart monitor designs?

What Do Smart Baby Monitors Offer?

A decent smart baby camera will act as a way to monitor and check up on your baby, providing a range of different options for seeing how they are doing and whether or not they are comfortable.

One of the most important things to understand about baby monitor devices is that they are not a catch-all safety solution. A wifi baby monitor is a tool, and you need to be using that tool regularly to get your money’s worth.

For example, a monitor might alert you if your child starts crying or if their breathing begins to become erratic or too slow. However, there are a lot of features that require you to be checking the monitor yourself, too, things that can be really important for tracking your baby’s health.

Health Monitoring

One of the best uses of smart monitors, especially over-the-crib mounts, is the ability to check your baby’s health without even entering their room. This can be especially important for babies that already have some issues breathing or getting the rest that they need.

Disturbing your baby while they sleep can be a major concern for many parents, and a good smart baby camera will allow you to check on them regularly – either visually, through audio-only communication, or using the data it can show you. You can do this from the other side of the house if needed, giving them the peace and quiet they need to sleep.

Babies with asthma or other breathing issues can benefit heavily from these monitors since detecting issues in their breathing can be a serious concern that has to be dealt with immediately. Even if your baby is perfectly healthy, though, it does not hurt to have a proper way of monitoring your baby closely.


A lot of baby monitor designs also allow for two-way communication, meaning that you can calm your baby down from another room by talking to them. Having this two-way communication means that you can get a lot more flexibility out of the system, even if it is just two screens in different rooms.

Keeping your baby comfortable means soothing them, helping them relax, and knowing when they need something. Models like a Nursery Pal monitor can provide great communication options, which can even double as a quick way to update your partner on the baby’s current condition if you are busy calming or changing them.

On top of that, many of these designs have their own automated options. Some will react to a baby’s crying by playing soothing music or alerting you to the noise if you can’t hear it from another room. All of this gives you more tools to work with when trying to keep your baby happy, healthy, and safe.