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Photography challenges that you must not miss out on

If you are sitting back home doing nothing then get up, pack your bag, and brace yourself up for photography challenges. In the digital age, you must

If you are sitting back home doing nothing then get up, pack your bag, and brace yourself up for photography challenges.

In the digital age, you must have access to social media and probably you have come across several challenges. However, a few must-have provoked you while some you have passed. A lot of photographers feel that obsession of people with selfies has reduced their priority. However, the same is not the case. Instead, the professionals at the peaks suggest clicking the image of every object that is moving or remains at still.

You never know one of your images can get you to win a contest. A lot of contests are held around the world for still photography, landscape, etc.

Here is a list of a few contests that you can take up,

  1. Traceries – This refers to clicking the images of the pattern. The universe has many patterns that keep of changing and appearing again and again in form or the other. This contest will bring out the creative person in you as everyone has their own visuals of looking at things. Whether they are the stripes on animal or a view from a hill, you must take the challenge and explore the world from every angle.

  2. Setting sun – This challenge must not be new to you if you have a passion for photography. People wait for the right moment to click that one shot that can capture the beauty of the sun setting. Although the rays and the lighting can play a little hide and seek for which you can hire professional photo enhancement services.

  3. Scenery – The landscape view of the ocean, lakes, mountain ranges, village, or anything else that can account for a beautiful view can be a challenge. Capturing the essence of a view is really hard and don’t forget to change the angle because a slight diversion can change the entire view.

  4. Macro –, grains or any other tiny object tells a story too. One of the contests that occur around the world is to click the images of such beings and objects. It is very important to take a shot and create a story around it.

  5. Candid shots – Very popular shot. Everyone has heard of it and if you are a photographer then you must have heard several such requests. A candid shot is difficult to capture and requires a lot of efforts but a good one is worth all the efforts. Though hiring professional photo cutout services can help you clear the background and dents but shot must speak its story.

There are multiple challenges that one can take like inspirational clicks where you have to take shots of things that inspire, gratitude where you have to take a shot that says thanks, happy faces where the story will be of people happy in their own world, and many more. Instagram conducts several such challenges where the photographers can take open challenges and win the contests. Don’t you wait but take your camera and start taking the shots.