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A Short Story of a Bidet: History and Origins

Some 400 years ago, the French invented a fixture which served as a bedroom cleaning tool and called it a bidet. Although the inventor is unknown, his

Some 400 years ago, the French invented a fixture which served as a bedroom cleaning tool and called it a bidet. Although the inventor is unknown, historians found proof of its use in the 17th century noble houses and palaces. In the 1900s, a bidet is moved from bedrooms to bathrooms when cities developed indoor plumbing systems.  

Over time, bidet evolved into porcelain and more elaborate fixture which use has spread all over the world. After World War II, Japan started importing American made toilets, as well as a bidet and that is what inspired the invention of electrical versions of this cleaning fixture. Today, there are various types of bidets available on the market, appropriate for any bathroom and budget.

However, some people are still skeptical when it comes to bidets, and thus Americans are reluctant to use it, while Europeans consider it an essential part of their bathrooms. But the benefits of bidet are widely known and scientifically proven that its popularity has increased in the last 30 years. Here are some of them that will certainly help you decide when you are shopping for a bidet.

Saves money

It may sound like a luxury, but it’s a onetime expense that will actually save you the money. Annually, the USA population spends $109.5 billion on toilet paper. When it comes to the bidet, you will purchase the fixture, pay its installation, and water use is minimal. So, you would cut your expenses and improve your health at the same time.

Eco-friendly bathroom fixture

Since toilet paper is made from trees, by cutting down the use you will also preserve the already depleting forests in the world. Recycled paper is often found to be uncomfortable and so it is not a popular bathroom necessity. But besides trees, the manufacturing process of paper requires large amounts of water and energy.

By choosing a bidet to stay clean, you will save millions of trees and gallons of water. Not to mention that in order to have white or colored rolls, manufacturers use chlorine and paints that are harmful to the environment. Also, it takes a considerable amount of energy to produce and pack the final product and transport it to its destination.  

Fits any space

Homeowners with small bathrooms know how hard it is to organize it and make its design more comfortable. However, bidet doesn’t require any construction work and you can easily use it in small spaces. With so many types on the market, a bidet also comes as a seat or an attachment you install on the existing toilet.

Depending on your budget you can have a modern one which is very popular in Japan with self-cleaning feature and heating for the seat. But a simple nozzle installed under the seat will also do the job and help you stay healthy.  

Improves the health

Bidets are intended for everyone, not just women or people who need to keep their private parts extra clean. When you use a bidet, you remove bacteria from the sensitive areas and thus prevent certain conditions like bacterial prostatitis. This fixture is also an excellent way to prevent urinary tract infections which are caused by E. Coli bacteria.

After childbirth, dry wiping creates discomfort and can even be painful for women, so bidet seat prevents irritation and helps the healing process. If used regularly, it will help with hemorrhoids or their onset, which is painful and at times serious condition for any gender.

They don’t leave a mess

One of the common concerns about bidets is that they will create a mess by dispersing water all over the bathroom. But that is not the case since you can adjust the position of the nozzle and determine an appropriate pressure on your smart toilet. Additionally, since you will use less toilet paper you will lower the chances to clog the toilet and pipes.   

Improves the hygiene

Today’s world is full of stress and fast-paced tempo that our immune system is easily compromised. This makes us more susceptible to bacteria and infection, so we need to boost our health in any way we can. While a healthy diet, regular exercise, and meditation have proven effective, proper hygiene is also a way to keep our health in check.

Also, toilet paper doesn’t completely clean the private areas and excessive wiping leads to irritation and itchiness. With a bidet, you can set the seat and water temperature to the ones that suit you, and use dryer function in the end. This is the fast and comfortable way to clean your private areas after using the toilet, having sex or if you suffer from certain medical conditions.


A bidet is a bathroom fixture that every household should have since it is an important measure to stay healthy. Regular use of bidet prevents the onset of certain bacterial conditions, irritations of the skin and suits private parts after certain surgical interventions or injuries.

Busy schedules make us easily forget to take care of ourselves and that has serious consequences to our health. With a bidet, you will cover some aspects of your health and make your life more comfortable, as well as save money and help the planet regenerate.