A Detailed Study on Protection Visa

What is a protection Visa? A protection visa is a visa for the permanent residency visa for a person that allows them to:stay in Australia fo

What is a protection Visa?

A protection visa is a visa for the permanent residency visa for a person that allows them to:

  • stay in Australia for an indefinite time,
  • work and study in Australia,
  • avail Medicare and Centrelink benefits,
  • Travel in and around Australia for five years,
  • sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence,
  • eventually, apply for Australian citizenship.

Who can get a protection visa?

A protection visa is to be given to a person with the help of a protection visa lawyer if he/ she is found to engage Australia’s protection obligations if they are:

  • meeting the definition of the refugee as defined in the Migration Act 1958; or
  • Abide with the legal criteria under Australia’s complementary protection scheme in the Migration Act 1958.

Are you eligible for a protection visa?

To avail of the protection visa, one must undergo a few health examinations, keeping in mind the best interests of the Australian citizens. The “Bupy Medical Visa services” generally perform these tests.

One must also meet certain character requirements, and if the person is above eighteen years, they must

They must have adequate knowledge about the” Life in Australia” booklet

confirm that they would respect the Australian manner of living and abide by all the Australian laws when they sign or accept the Australian value statements

How long does it take to get a protection visa?

A protection visa takes ninety days to process from the date of lodgement.

Steps before application for a protection visa

  1. Before you apply

Confirm your eligibility. A person can apply on their own or even hire a protection visa lawyer for an easy flow.

  1. Gather your documents

A few documents will be required while creating a visa. Make sure you have assembled the documents correctly. The documents include the online application form in ImmiAccount, Form 866 Application for a protection visa (988KB PDF) they must have, birth certificate, national identity card, driver’s license. Proof of a change of name, if applicable, any other documentation that supports your identity, nationality, or citizenship, Documents that prove a change of name include a marriage or divorce certificate, change of name documents from an Australian Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages, or the relevant overseas authority, documents that show other names you have been known by.

If a visa is granted

If the visa is granted, a visa grant notification letter will successfully be sent to you that would provide the following details:

  • ┬ávisa grant number
  • when the visa was granted
  • conditions noted it the visa if any,
  • information about:
  • ImmiCards
  • travel
  • living in Australia
  • translating and Interpreting Service (TIS)
  • client service information
  • torture and trauma counselling services
  • other government services

If the protection visa is refused

If the visa is refused, a visa notification letter will be sent to you that would provide the following details:

  • why we refused your visa application
  • your review rights and your review rights with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)
  • Thedeadline for filing an application for review

The application cost is non-refundable.

Suppose a merits review tribunal, or we have finally assessed your Protection visa application. In that case, you do not engage Australia’s protection duties, and you do not have another visa, you do not have a legitimate right to stay in Australia.

You must return to your own country or another nation where you have permission to enter.

If you do not leave voluntarily and become unlawful in Australia, steps will be taken to remove you from Australia.

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