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8 Reasons to Switch to LED Lights

It is a known fact that LED lights are by far the most energy saving solution to illuminate your house. LED has replaced the conventional lighting sol

It is a known fact that LED lights are by far the most energy saving solution to illuminate your house. LED has replaced the conventional lighting solutions available in the market really fast. Due to their extended lifespan and reduction in a big chunk of the electricity bill, people are without hesitation shifting from fluorescent bulbs to LED lights.

Let us discuss 8 such benefits of LED (Light-Emitting Diode) illumination solutions;

1. It is Energy Efficiency:

One of the main benefits of LED lights is that they consume 50% less electricity than traditional illumination options which means a reduction in the amount to be paid per month as electricity bill. We would recommend visiting the prestigious website of HomeEnergyClub to anyone looking for the best electricity companies near me. Also, the added advantage of LED is that it emits light in a particular direction rather than radiating light and heat in all directions hence reduce wastage of electricity.

2. It has Extended life:

Investing in LED is once in a long time as the LED never fails but may dim over time. The expected lifespan of LED is 50,000 hours or longer depending on the quality of the LED lights whereas an incandescent bulb only lasts for 1000 hours and fluorescent lamps last about 10,000 hours which is nowhere near to the life of LED lights

3. Better Efficiency in Cold temperature 

For low-temperature operations, fluorescent lamps need a higher voltage to start and the intensity of light is reduced during operation due to low temperature. Whereas low temperature has no effect on LED performance hence, it makes it ideal for cold places such as inside the refrigerator.

4. It is Durable:

Traditional lights are made of filament and glass which is prone to vibration and breakage whereas LED is immune to these factors and does not require any special handling.

5. It Turns on Instantly:

Traditional lamps do not provide 100% intensity as soon as they are switched on and need a few minutes to reach maximum intensity. LED lights once switched on reached 100% instantaneously.

6. Rapid cycling Does not Reduce its Lifespan:

Frequently switching on and off traditional lights can degrade its lifespan, but this is not the case with LED lights as they are unaffected by instantaneous turning on and off as it does not have any warm-up period.

7. Its Intensity can be Controlled:

LED is a semiconductor and can be dimmed easily to up to 10% whereas you can only dim fluorescent lamp up to 30% by spending extra money to do so. The change in the light intensity of LED from 10 to 100% is smooth

8. It Does not Produce Excessive Heat:

We are aware that how easily traditional lamps heat up; it is due to just 10% of the power converted to light and rest to heat. Excessive heat produced by traditional lights is a hazard to people as well as material. The LED does not emit Infra-Red or Ultra-Violet lights hence it does not face such heating issues.

LED is an incredible way to light up your home due to the multiple benefits it provides over the older lighting options hence no doubts about the fact that LED is the first and only choice nowadays in every house and commercial properties. If you are looking for LED lighting options in your home look no further.

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