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7 Indian Homes that Prove Black is Beautiful

The boldest and dramatic color black is loved enormously by this generation but is this the case when it comes to interior designing? But the trends

The boldest and dramatic color black is loved enormously by this generation but is this the case when it comes to interior designing? But the trends of these days are surprisingly bringing the magic of black in indoor styling as well. Delhi based Interior designer Sanjyt Syngh has also justified the beauty of black in most of the work. Interior designers often use the combinations of black-and-white, black-and-red, or black-white-teal, and so on. 

It’s crucial to keep in mind that an overdose of black can have a depressing effect. The use of black must be balanced subtly with neutral and vibrant shades, otherwise, it may look like a horror movie set. Apart from the lighter shades, the color black needs abundance of lights, it is even better if it is complemented with sunlight.

Black is the color that cannot be ignored, the sensuous sophistication that this color project is exceptional. Well, there is indeed a science behind every color, let’s see how this black evokes a different mood in people.

Although there are so many perceptions about black like it spreads negativity, it is so manly and quite depressing; the interior designers took it as a challenge and created some compelling dark theme. Of course, it takes a good amount of courage to select black but this eternally beautiful color has rarely disappointed anyone.

Let’s visit seven beautiful Indian homes which have busted all the myth and proved that black indeed does magic.

  1. Interior designer: Sanjyt Syngh  

Where: Mumbai

Here, the spacious living room clarifies that dark them never reduces the space. On top of that, when the sunlight barges in through the window, it makes them look perfect by creating a subtle balance. These statement light fixture with metallic accents and top to bottom windows are allowing an abundance of sunlight to neutralize the dark theme.

On top of that, the fusion of orange done meticulously by Sanjyt Syngh in the theme has ungendered the space by eliminating the masculine vibe and made it perfect for everyone. The closet connected with the bedroom goes really well with dark granite floor and the sleek black island.

2. Interior designer: FADD Studio

Where: Bangalore

This entrance is enveloped in the eye-catching shade of charcoal which gives the perfect feel of welcome. The black and grey marbles on the floor made the right impact on the theme.

The charcoaled walls in the living room also complement the feel of being a great host during friend get-together. The red sideboard has balanced the black and grey feel by adding exactly what space has demanded.

3. Interior designer: Sanjyt Syngh

Where: New Delhi

Now, come to the home of a Delhi based interior designer Sanjyt Syngh, who is literally in love with this color. The mix of ebony wall, grey floor, and the dark curtains have made the look enthralling.

What has made them look perfect is the white bed and ceiling. The mix of white in the space gives a magical feel to this bedroom. When the designer’s own residence is witnessing the magic of black, then why we are so cynical to pick this color.

4.Interior designer: ShroffLeón

Where: Mumbai

The black box made with granite is a welcome piece of this residency. The unique red and yellow chandelier is perfectly defining the theme.

The theme has planned with a perspective to turn this space in artwork in itself. The impression it made is going well with overdramatic black.

5. Interior designer: Aamir & Hameeda Associates.

Where: Hyderabad

This design is an experiment of bright colours with black, which has managed not to fail. Here, black is used in a limited space of the area with ebony woodwork, and rest has its makeover in a different flavor.

The way these black beams are crossing the ceiling goes well with the overall look. The colorful artwork gives the best finishing touch to this theme.

6. Interior designer: ACDS

Where: Mumbai

The pattern deep blue and cream has a gothic feel in it, which is complemented with golden furniture. The silk drapes on black marble floors are the masterstroke of this theme.

The bathroom adjacent to the bedroom is also reflecting the theme with similar flooring. What made the theme complete is the vanity in black leather which gives the perfect feel for this space.

7.Interior designer: Studio Lagom

Where: Surat

The black leather finish granite is covering in the opulent in-built spa. The green tea plants give a rejuvenating feel. The fuchsia cushions define the classy comfort of the space. The way sunlight enters the spa through the sky in the day gets replaces by illuminating moonlight in the night.