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7 Digital Marketing Tips to Apply in Your Business

Discover how to increase your brand reach on the internet Does your brand appear in the top search results of your market segment online? In an

Discover how to increase your brand reach on the internet

Does your brand appear in the top search results of your market segment online?

In an increasingly connected world, having a well-built online presence is critical to stand out among your competitors and increase the visibility of your brand.

Therefore, digital marketing is important for all types of business, whether they are online or not.

But do you know how to use your strategies efficiently?

To help you, we’ve selected the 7 digital marketing tips that will boost your reach on the internet and increase your sales.

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What is digital marketing?

From the screen of cell phones, tablets and computers, we do a lot of our day-to-day tasks.

We go to the internet to talk to relatives and friends, research on various subjects, use apps to get around the city and let us know what happens around the world in real time.

Therefore, it is natural that before making a purchase, people also use the digital medium to learn more about the products and services available in the market.

That’s when digital marketing comes into play.

In short, we can define marketing as a set of strategic actions to attract, communicate, build an image and relate to your target audience. But some marketing strategies are specific to the digital environment.

Using platforms and internet tools, it is possible to run campaigns, disseminate content and talk more efficiently and directly with your customers.

Want to know how to explore all these opportunities?

Check out our digital marketing tips below!


  • Identify the personas of your business
  • Set your keywords
  • Produce good content
  • Be present on social networks
  • Create a sales funnel
  • Promote your content
  • Test different strategies
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  1. Identify the personas of your business

Identifying who the potential buyers of your product or service are is the first step in developing your digital marketing strategy.

Sounds complicated? An exercise can help you.

Try to think of your current customers, or your ideal customers, and answer the following questions:

Is there a predominance of gender, profession, age and region where they live?

What are the reasons why these people find the solution to a problem in their brand?

If you offer more than one type of product or service, can you identify the differences between who buys each one of them?

After this analysis, it’s time to synthesize all this into fictional characters that represent the expectations and behaviors of your real consumer.

To these profiles of people who are more likely to be interested in what you are divulging we call people.

You can understand more in depth about the construction of the people reading our practical guide on how to create a persona for your business.

  1. Set your keywords

Have you heard of keyword? They are the set of words, phrases or concepts that synthesize the main point of a subject.

In digital marketing, keywords are used to guide the construction of websites, blog posts, landing pages, among other content.

If you work these words together with SEO techniques, your pages are likely to be well positioned in the search engines and receive more clicks.

This is because when a person accesses Google, for example, and searches for a particular subject, intuitively it uses those terms.

That is, using keywords in your content causes you to reach the audience that is looking for you.

Therefore, it is essential that you know the main terms related to your business. For this you can use some keyword tools that make this work much faster and more accurate.

  1. Produce good content

As said before, content that uses the right words will have a greater chance of appearing in the first places of a search.

But do not just get people to click on your link, they need to be interested in what they will find there. That is, the basis for a good digital marketing strategy is in quality content, well produced and with useful information.

Delivering the answers that users are looking for is a key factor in creating a relationship with your target audience and possibly converting them into loyal customers.

Take the time to find the guidelines and topics relevant to your audience. Think about how your business can help these people find solutions to their problems.

In order for your ideas to not be lost, it is important to create an editorial marketing calendar. In it, you will gather all the actions you want to take, set deadlines and goals, and manage to organize your time better.

  1. Be present on social networks

Even if your business is not digital, people will get information about you on the internet. And if they do not find you, they will probably find their competitors.

That’s why it’s critical that you be present on all the channels that your target audience uses to consume information.

In addition to websites and blogs, social networks are an important channel of communication and relationship with their clients.

Being digitally present is a way to talk directly to your audience, generate engagement and identification with your brand, answer questions and make offers.

By building a relationship of trust with your customers and prospects, you make them powerful influencers in your circles of friends, family, and co-workers.

Remember that all the platforms used for your digital marketing strategies should be aligned under the brand’s speech. So keep in mind the tone of voice and the positioning of your business.

  1. Create a sales funnel

Have you heard about the sales funnel?

This strategy is widely used in Inbound Marketing and allows you to guide your customer on a shopping journey.

For this, you should imagine a funnel composed of 4 steps: attraction, conversion, purchase and enchantment.

These steps represent the times when your prospect passes before they intuitively reach out to the solution you plan to deliver.

Explaining better, we can say that before making a purchase people go through the following path:

Info graphic with the 4 steps that a customer goes through to be enchanted by a brand and spread it in its social cycle

To understand more about how to work your content in each of these steps, read our full post on sales funnel.

  1. Promote your content

After so much dedication to produce good content, do not forget to think of strategies to promote them.

There are many possibilities for promoting content on the internet. So it pays to understand more about paid media strategies such as social ads and Google Adwords, and organic traffic strategies, using SEO techniques and social networks, as explained above.

The interesting thing about investing in paid media is that it allows you to target your ads to a specific audience. That is, your ads will only appear to people who fit the profile of their personas or, in other words, their potential buyers.

To further enhance your reach, you can also apply a Trans media strategy.

For example, after posting a post on your blog, you can post it on your Facebook page and invite your fans to comment on what they have read.

Likewise, when finalizing a video on YouTube, you can suggest that your followers accompany you on the other networks to receive more information on the subject.

The important thing is to ensure that your audience receives your content and stays engaged.

  1. Test different strategies

Even if you are sure that a strategy is going to work, sometimes it does not bring the expected result. So always have a plan B to put into action.

Change the title of your texts, work on other keywords, spread it differently on social networks and make different announcements.

Always remember to record the data related to these attempts and analyze those results.

Testing different strategies is a great way to know the behavior of your target audience in the digital environment. Over time, your actions will be more and more effective.

Like these digital marketing tips and want to know other strategy to apply in your business? Check out our post with 11 marketing strategies to attract more customers!


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