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6 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but it always helps if a good book has an attractive cover as well. Similarly, you shouldn’t ignore your home’s

We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but it always helps if a good book has an attractive cover as well. Similarly, you shouldn’t ignore your home’s curb appeal. The best part is that all of it doesn’t even cost that much! Here are some ways you can improve the first impression left by your home. Unlike when you lived in an old Chicago apartment, you now have the control to spruce up the value of your home, so why not jump at that opportunity!

Paint the Door and Trims

The easiest way to grab attention is by adding color. Painting the door and trims neatly in a fun color will make your home look much better. For $30 per gallon, you can get your door and trims painted in no time. Opt for a bright color, especially for the door. The trims can be basic but neat.

Opt for Big Doors and Fancy Windows

An attractive welcome is easiest to achieve through a fancy door with a beautiful design. Choose something other than the basic old brown, white, or wooden textures. Dressed windows are yet another addition that makes things look more put together. Instead of opting for plain boring windows, paya few extra dollars for windows with frames. You can also add flowers or other charms. Don’t forget to keep your windows clean at all times. You never know when your actual buyer will be inspected every inch of your home!

Add Plants to Brighten things up

Plants are a magical addition. Your home will instantly start looking very welcoming once you add lots of greenery. It will be good for the environment, make your air clean, as well as add definition to your home’s exterior. It isn’t terribly expensive or time consuming, other than the fact that plants will require maintenance. This isn’t the cheapest improvement but one that is definitely worth it.

Keep Unwanted Things out of Sight

There are certain things we use every day but they aren’t very pleasing to the eye. An example of such a thing is a garbage can. Keep things like this out of direct sight. You can choose to buy a lattice screen that doesn’t cost much to help hide some unsightly items. This will create a partition so that you can hide your garbage cans, A/C units, and other unpleasant things to prevent your house’s exterior look from being diminished. Whether your buyer is a young Millennial or an immigrant couple purchasing their first home in the United States, it’s important to appeal to the masses with the exterior of your home.

Invest in Good Lighting

Exterior lighting will make all the difference. Other than the fact of illuminating your home’s exterior in the dark of the night, the type of the lights will also be a great way to accentuate your style. You can find different styles of exterior lights for about $20 or a bit more — a very inexpensive fix. You can go fancy, vintage, sleek, or whatever suits the vibe of your home’s exterior.

Add a Cool Mailbox

Little details like the mailbox and house number plate do matter a lot. You will notice for yourself that improving these smallest details can change the look of the home overall. You can find super cool looking mailboxes for under $20. Don’t be afraid to buy one, spruce it up and replace the old, worn down mailbox you’ve had for a decade.

It is the little things after all that make the home’s exterior aesthetically pleasing or not. Get rid of the mess and up your curb appeal game right away!

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