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6 Crazy Tactics To Sell Your House Fast

Selling a home isn’t an easy process, no matter how hot the housing market is. Gone are those days when baking a batch of cookies and putting out fre

Selling a home isn’t an easy process, no matter how hot the housing market is. Gone are those days when baking a batch of cookies and putting out fresh flowers before an open house were enough to sell your home. 


With so much competition from other sellers, it is imperative that you make your listings stand out. You need to be creative to sell your house or you can contact Greater Houston Houses who would help you in selling your house fast in Houston

While if you chose to sell the house by some creative and clever tactics then here are some that you can try.

Let your buyers spend a weekend at your home

This might sound crazy but it is much more effective than other methods. An overnight stay might work to close the deal if you have a serious buyer who is waffling around. Nowadays, house swapping is a trendy thing and people are using apps and websites to rent out their homes.

Also if you wish that your home sells fast then think about the features of your home and community that you love the most and then highlight them. If you think that your patio is the main point then make it more cozy for guests and put out some snacks or something like that to attract them. 

By letting buyers spend a weekend in your home means, you are allowing them to get the full experience of living there. 

Home staging to the extreme

Home staging is a proven method that can help your home sell faster but some sellers are taking staging a step further with ancient Chinese philosophy. You can rearrange the elements of your home by using Fend Shui to improve its chi or energy. 

Organize a house party

Open houses are usually when you are selling a home but to take it to another level or to sell the house faster, some sellers would organize an open house party by offering wine, cater food, and will also organize live music and games as well. This could start a buzz on your property and make your home memorable. 

Help buyers in financing

People who want to buy a home can’t qualify for a standard mortgage, so sellers are offering a helping hand for such people. Sellers have few options when it comes to assisting buyers with financing along with offering lease-to-own deals, offering to finance themselves and more. 

Add some extravagant extras

In olden days, it was enough to get your home noticed by simply placing a big-screen TV. But times have changed and incentives are becoming more and more substantial. In order to get potential buyers, sellers are giving all types of goodies like cars, vacations, pricey home upgrades, and many more. 

Make your home a grand prize

After all the efforts have fallen short, some sellers are organizing raffles and essay contests and giving their home to the winners. This method will surely draw attention towards your home but remember those home lotteries are not legal in many states, so find it out on your state’s regulations. 

Wrapping up

If you are willing to sell your house fast for cash then these are some of the crazy tactics that you can use. Although, if you don’t want to get into this then just list your home on real estate websites and wait for it to get sold.