Choose the best 4g internet packages near you

Every home needs a broadband connection. However, when buying broadband, we’re always struggling to choose from an array of internet providers. S

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Every home needs a broadband connection. However, when buying broadband, we’re always struggling to choose from an array of internet providers. So how to find the internet provider that has the most reasonable packages and faster internet speed? We’ve got a list of the bests.

Here are the best4G Internet packages that will give you a run for your money.

  • BSNL

BSNL offers BBG Combo ULD 1199 plan at Rs 1,199. You get to use 40GB data at the speed of 4Mbps. The speed will be reduced to 2Mbps after you exhaust your data limit. Along with data benefits, you get a free unlimited calling from your BSNL landline to any network.

If you can add few bucks to your broadband budget, the BBG Combo ULD 1441 plan by BSNL at Rs 1,441 offers faster speed of 8Mbps. At this speed, you can consume 40GB data. Thereafter the speed will be dropped to 2Mbps.There’s another interesting plan if you wish to get 60GB data at a similar price. The service provider offers 60GB data at Rs 1449 at the same speed as the previous plan.

  • Airtel

Airtel broadband has nationwide connectivity and access to its strong network. Airtel offers a variety of high-speed internet packages. One of their most popular plans costs just Rs 1,000 and offers 40Mbps of internet speed for FUP limit of 90GB.

Another plan starting at Rs 1,099 – which is active in selected cities including Delhi – offers 90GB of FUP with 1000GB of bonus data. The same plan is offered with the addition of Rs 100 in Mumbai.

  • Hathway

While other internet service providers offer packages with monthly validity, Hathway is offering 90 days of internet plans. However, the pricing and data limits of the plans defer depends on in which region you are.

One of Hathway’s popular plans starts at Rs 2999. The plan is active in Mumbai among other cities and offers 100GB data at a speed of 50Mbps. There after the speeds will be reduced to 2Mbps. In Delhi,the customers have two plans to choose from at the same rate. You can either get 50Mbps speedfor 200GB of FUP or enjoy unlimited data at a slower speed of 10Mbps.

  • Airlink Desire Eco Unlimited plan

Another pristine plan in India, Airlink offers annual internet plan at just Rs 2400. Under the plan, you get to speed up to 200 Kbps. The service provider charges Rs. 250 as installation fee.

While you have many choices based on in which area you are when it comes to broadband, internet speed becomes the major factor, another being the affordable internet packages. Also, be sure about customer service and any other hidden norms or charges before you choose your broadband internet service provider.