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5 Wall Ideas for a Stylish Home Decor Look

You’ve searched and scoured for the perfect furniture and accessories for your home. You moved and shifted everything to be at just the right spots.

You’ve searched and scoured for the perfect furniture and accessories for your home. You moved and shifted everything to be at just the right spots. But something still isn’t quite complete. What’s going on?

It could be that your blank wall is keeping you from having the look you were aiming for. Your brain is drawn to blank spaces, so those empty walls need a finishing touch, fast!

These five design ideas will bump up the wow-factor in your home by filling your walls with stylish decor.

1. Go Artsy With a Gallery Wall

If you love art or have a lot of personal photographs, why not display them on your wall proudly? Gallery walls are trending and an easy way to fill up an empty space.

The wonderful thing about gallery walls is that there are very few rules to them. If the final look makes you happy, it’s done right!

There are a few general rules to stick with for a cohesive gallery look. To pull this off, keep these ideas in mind:

  • Choose a theme with your pictures (i.e., black and white, flowers, family photos).
  • Set out your photo choices along a flat surface and measure them before you start hanging.
  • Stay consistent with your pattern of choice (symmetrical, asymmetrical, 3 x 5, etc.) if you use more than one wall.

Leave empty space between your frames to give the eye a break. Too many pictures in one area looks cluttered.

2. Add an Accent Wall

Accent walls can completely change the atmosphere in a room. Done right, it can even increase the value of your home.

Experimenting with accent walls lets you play around with depth, texture, colors, and patterns you might not have used otherwise.

Choose the main wall in the room that seems to be the focal point every time you walk in. Use this as your accent wall, even if the rest of the room is neutral.

The only rule of an accent wall is that it complements the rest of the room. It can be bold and eye-catching, or monochromatic, a few shades deeper or lighter than your other colors.

If there are some patterns you have been considering, try them out on your accent wall first. Start subtle with a painting and then bring in larger patterns if you love it!

3. Make it a Collector’s Paradise

Do you have a large collection of your favorite items stored away? Maybe it’s time to dust them off and display them!

Retro themes and collectibles are trending now. Whether you have your childhood record collection or your Star Wars action figures, you have something to hang on your walls.

Come up with a pattern you like and measure everything out if you’re planning on hanging your collection directly on your wall. Otherwise, invest in some stylish shelves for your memorabilia.

4. Go Big When You Go Home

An easy way to get rid of that empty wall without a degree in interior design is to cover it with one large, but stylish, item. Center it the way you want it on the blank space and it’s all you need!

Some decor items that make a big impact include:

  • Mounting your big-screen TV
  • Hanging a large mural or painting
  • Finding an area rug with a design you love and hanging it
  • Picking out a wall-sized mirror to add light and depth to a room

One large decor piece is all you need to fill the wall enough to cover the empty space and change the mood of your room.

5. Redecorate With Wallpaper

If you’re not comfortable with paint, wallpaper can be a magic-worker in any room. Don’t worry if you’re renting; removable wallpaper is everywhere today!

Wallpaper, especially the peel-and-stick kind, is the perfect format to try out different designs and colors in a room. Order a sample swatch before you invest in enough rolls to cover the walls.

With wallpaper, you can choose solids, prints, geometric patterns, and even nature or animal murals. When you want to change the theme of the room, peel off the removable paper and start over!


That empty wall in your room could be causing you to be less-than-pleased with the overall look. Fill it up with these five ideas to make walking in the area satisfying to your decor taste buds!


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