5 Reasons to opt out of co-living spaces in NYC

NYC is one of the largest cities in the world with an estimated 8.6 million occupants. It is the headquarters for many major companies and everyone w

NYC is one of the largest cities in the world with an estimated 8.6 million occupants. It is the headquarters for many major companies and everyone who wants to make it big, wants to move to the Big Apple at some point in their lives. However, moving to NYC is not as easy as packing up and moving because hotels are expensive and so are many of the other forms of accommodation.

Young people are well-known for moving around, whether its job hopping or studying. This is partly due to the economic situations that they find themselves in, which are out of their control. Studies show that 18% of the total workforce changes their jobs every 1 to 3 years and 42% of young people do.

Changing jobs often also involves changing cities and also changing housing. It is uncommon to find a young person who hasn’t spent hours searching on Craigslist for that perfect place to live, at the right price and the right location. It is indeed almost impossible to find the perfect option for you, and this is why young people are turning to shared living spaces in NYC

What is co-living?

Co-living houses, often also called shared living, is like dorms for adults. The word communal may spark a few negative images in your mind but co-living is far from it. Many of them are beautiful, modern and contemporary. They have the added advantage of specifically being designed for co-living purposes. The amenities include better equipped kitchens, warm and inviting living rooms, and extra soundproofing. 

There are many reasons why people are flocking toward co-living, and it is a term that has stuck for young and old alike:

  1. It is cheaper than living alone and can be just as cost-effective as getting a shared room in an apartment. Everyone shares the bill therefore it is not stressful on just one person. Included in this fee are amenities like cleaning services, access to the library, gymnasium and many parties. You will get free coffee, tea, sugar and milk as an added advantage. 
  2. It offers you a built-in community. Instead of having down-time alone, you can enjoy activities with your fellow roommates. You can decide together what you would like to do, whether it is watching Netflix, enjoying a few television shows or gathering around a fire with a few instruments. 
  3. The community is not the same as the people in your work/study circle. Moving to a new city makes it very easy to make your co-workers your friends. This poses a problem as it becomes difficult to manage office friendships and it may also be difficult to truly get a break from work. 
  4. This generation is about having an enjoyable experience more than ownership. They acre less about owning a branded bag or watch and more about having good experiences. When it comes to housing for young people, its more about what it feels like on the inside and less about what it looks like on the outside. 
  5. You just need to bring your suitcase. While moving into NYC can be challenging, shared living takes the stress and hassle out of moving. You can move in at any time and leave at any time without being tied down to a lease or rental agreement. Most of these living spaces even offer towels, beddings, shampoos and body wash. The apartment is fully stocked with dishes and appliances. You also don’t have to worry about repairs in the apartment as the owner will attend to any problem you may have. 

Shared apartments offer extra space

Everything in NYC is pricey, while many people may cut down on luxuries like entertainment and shopping, they should not have to compromise on their living spaces as well. These living spaces offer good security and many of them have CCTV cameras and even coded access to the front doors. There are no lock and key systems, as many of these spaces work with automated locks which work with a passkey or your cellular phone. 

It may be easy to feel lonely and lost in a city that is so huge. Everyone is so busy chasing the American dream that no-one really has the time to stop on the street and say hello. This is why co-living is a good option for people relocating to NYC. There are many options for you to choose from which will suit your budget and preferences.

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