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4 Captivating Living Room Staging Ideas

There are people out there who don’t believe in staging a home before selling it but in the end, the end up squandering the potential of the real esta

There are people out there who don’t believe in staging a home before selling it but in the end, the end up squandering the potential of the real estate, selling it for a far lower figure than they originally hoped for. Furthermore, their property stays up for sale for months, only worsening the problem that they could have dealt with instantly by simply accepting to stage their home.

The most important room inside any house or apartment is the living room and this is where you need to focus the most of your staging efforts and attention. If you manage to pull off a captivatingly staged living room, then you are bound to end up selling your property for a bigger amount of money and here are 4 tips on how to do it.

Establishing a Focal Point

The very first and arguably the most important step in correctly staging the living room is establishing a focal point inside it. Basically, once potential buyers enter the room, they need to feel the urge to direct their attention to a single point inside the living room that all the furniture and fixtures are elegantly pointing to. In most cases, this can be the mantelpiece or a stately mirror hanged over it. In smaller apartments, the coffee table in the dead center of the room can serve as the focal point. Usually, the focal points are created with the use of color patterns and the direction individual pieces of furniture, such as armchairs, chairs, and sofas assume. The final effect of creating a focal point is to grab the attention of prospective homeowners and to emanate a sense of orderliness that they will associate with the entire home.

Choosing the Ideal Color Pattern

Speaking of the color pattern as a means of establishing a focal point, it doesn’t have to be dull as you might first think. In fact, dullness is the exact opposite of the effect you want to create. Essentially, the color of the wall and other stuff inside the living room should be in the range of neutral. This does not mean that you’ll have to paint the room white or beige, as there is a whole palette of colors that fit the bill of neutrality, such as ivory, the color of honey, the color of wheat, pea green, mossy green, coffee, brown, gray, etc. Furthermore, the color scheme of the living room is not limited to the walls only, as you have the possibility to play with the color of draperies, furniture, accessories, and artwork as well.

Customizing the Windows

Having mentioned draperies and curtains, we ought to point out the importance of the window area inside the décor of the living room. What people expect to see are plan square windows that they can see on every other house so the apex of their expectations is not seeing any smudges on the window panes. However, you can go one step further than simply wiping the window glass, as custom made windows include bi-fold windows as well. They are not very common to living rooms, as mostly stately mansions have them, so this home improvement could help you significantly raise the value of your home. Windows that are shaped as such aren’t just a great interior trick but they can be observed from the outside, tricking the people into thinking that this is more affluent home than it really is.

A High-Tech Staging

Inanimate furniture doesn’t necessarily have to be the only material focal points are created from. You could have the best ever staged living room but a prospective buyer can totally ignore it because they will be looking for something in particular: somewhere to place their big-screen TV. That is why you need to find room to accommodate such high-tech appliances into the concept of a staged room, perhaps including one such LED monitor in the living room so people wouldn’t have to use their imagination. Also, if you have a gamer coming over, it might be wise to make space in the entertainment unit for them to place a video gaming console.

It might seem like a great hustle to perfectly stage a living room but all this work will pay off in the end, quite literally. For every home improvement you introduce, whether it is a bi-fold window or large flat screen TV, the final selling price will make it all worth it.  

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