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Which one to choose between SBI PO and ESIC UDC (Rank-1) in the long run

Are you appearing for a competitive exam? Want to know which you should choose between SBI PO and ESIC UDC Rank 1 Exam? Then, you have to come to the

Are you appearing for a competitive exam? Want to know which you should choose between SBI PO and ESIC UDC Rank 1 Exam? Then, you have to come to the right place. Here, we will solve all your doubts about these two exams with a detailed analysis. Hence, we will cover everything such as career growth, salary, job responsibilities, and many more. Please read below to understand. 

Job Profile of ESIC UDC 

The ESIC is the abbreviation of Employees State Insurance. It is a health insurance scheme and social security scheme for the Indian workers. Furthermore, the ESIC is basically an autonomous organization that falls under the Labour and Employment Ministry of the Indian Government.  Hence, these are the responsibilities of the ESIC Upper Division Clerk. 

Categories Responsibilities and Roles
For Branch Office (Cashier)
  • Issuing Cheques
  • Works Related to the Bank 
  • Cash Book Maintenance
For Posting headquarters or regional office
  • File Maintenance
  • Letter Drafting
  • Managing Accounts
  • Online Processing of the Data
For Branch Office (Nom-Cashier)
  • Maintain Registers
  • Prepare Online Dockets for Payments
  • Uploading Certificates
  • Letter Drafting
  • Reparation of Yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly Reports

Job Profile of SBI PO

However, the candidates getting the job of SBI PO can have various responsibilities which are as follows. 

  • Handle customer and their problems. Thus, you need to work as an officer of Public Relations. 
  • Secondly, you need to handle managerial works such as decisions for bank development, clerical works, etc. 
  • Also, you have to do the verification of the job by the clerks. 
  • Furthermore, you have to issue cheque books, ATM Cards, demand drafts, etc.  

Comparing Salary of ESIC UDC and SBI PO 

Salary Structure of ESIC UDC
Entry Pay Rs. 25,500
Pay Scale Pay Matrix Level-4 (Civilian Employees)
Pay Band Rs. 5200-20,200
Basic Salary  Rs. 25,500
Grade Pay Rs. 24,000
Maximum Salary  Rs. 81,100
House Rent Allowance According to the Govt. Rule
Dearness Allowance According to the Govt. Rule


Salary structure of SBI PO 
Initial Pay with Basic salary Rs. 4190 along with 4 advanced increments
Pay Scale 36000-1490/7-46430-1740/2-49910-1990/7-63840
Monthly  Salary (in-Hand) Rs. 40,000- Rs. 45000
Furniture Allowance Rs. 120000
CCA or City Compensatory Allowance 3%-4% (depends upon the place of the job posting)
Leased Accommodation (Rural) Rs. 8000
Leased Accommodation (Urban) Rs. 29500
Dearness Allowance 46.9% of the base pay


Exam Pattern of ESIC UDSC and SPI PO 

However, the SBI PO exam has three stages for the exam. They are preliminary, mains, and computer tests. Also, the ESIC USC Exam has three stages i.e. prelims, mains, and then interview. Therefore, the candidates have to qualify for these three stages to get the job. 

Which has the best career growth SBI PO or ESIC UDC? 

The career of an SBI PO is long and stable. Due to this, candidates throughout the country apply for this job in lakhs. The bank also offers various chances for abroad postings. Hence, if you work hard, then well-deserving candidates can reach the top post soon. 

However, for ESIC UDC, you will get a promotion as an Assistant. After that, you will again get another promotion within the next three years. Additionally, again in three years will receive a promotion and become an officer for social security. 

Henceforth, if you want a good salary, then SBI PO is undoubtedly better. However, the workload in SBI PO is much higher than ESIC UDC. But, if you don’t like repetitive work, then you can go for ESIC UDC. Additionally, in the long run, SBI Po is considered the best because it pays a higher salary and great benefits.

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