10 Features for Building Excellent Mobile Apps

Mobile phones have made life easier as people now have access to everything via their mobile devices, including navigation, online stores, social me

Mobile phones have made life easier as people now have access to everything via their mobile devices, including navigation, online stores, social media, food delivery, and more. With advancements in technology, new features of mobile phones have been introduced in the form of mobile apps. Mobile app design companies are working efficiently to introduce more mobile phone applications that automate manual work. 

The incredible evolution of mobile applications has made it challenging to keep the users engaged. Some applications are frustrating and are not actually useful, although, in comparison, some developers have created extremely useful, fun, and creative apps.

Many other aspects can make an app successful. Some of the core features of mobile applications are here listed below for your help. 

  1. Great User Experience

An app should provide value to users and engage them with innovative features. It should be informative, easy, creative, and fun to use. A great app has flawless functionality, solves a problem and keeps users hooked. 

If you want your application to stand out in the industry, then make sure you focus on audience engagement and user experience. Successful apps have higher audience engagement and traffic, fostered by simple navigation, sleek app designs, and innovative features.

Every feature must contribute to creating the desired user experience.  

2. Social Login

Social login is a key feature in mobile apps today. Users get disappointed when the signup form asks for a lot of information. Most users will quit signing up if it requires filling a lot of information. With social login, users can instantly sign up using their social credentials. Since most of the mobile phone users are logged in on their Facebook or Google accounts, it takes only one tap to log in. 

In today’s times of social media rule, social login is essential for apps. 

3. Security

It is an ultimate requirement for any mobile app to keep their users’ information confidential and secure. Security provides the assurance to the users that their information or data is safe and encourages them to share information, such as payment details, address, phone number, and more. 

Mobile app security helps in preventing unauthorized users from accessing user data or security breaches. Moreover, it helps in increasing the trust factor with the audience. It may seem a common thing, but providing reliability through mobile app security is important.

4. Offline Functionality

One of the key features is offline functionality, as users may not have internet access everywhere they go. However, there should be certain offline functions in the mobile app to keep the user’s attention towards the app and to keep them engaged.  

Offline functionality can be a tipping point for the users as it allows them to continue using the app in offline mode as well. Offline functionality ensures a positive user experience by keeping users engaged.

5. Speed

Users are generally multitasking and sometimes are not mindful about how many apps are running in the background. If an app is running slow, there could be many reasons for it, such as your app is not supportive, encrypted connections are not optimized, the app has a massive amount of content or data and the network latency. 

Lazy loading can drag the user’s attention. If a particular app takes too long to function, the users may disable or uninstall the app. This can also lead users to switch to the competitor’s app. So, the speed of a mobile app is a priority. Giving your user a better experience leads to higher user engagement.

6. Push Notifications

Engage your users through push notifications, and it keeps users engaged. Push notification is the most useful feature of the mobile application these days, as it can be customized for individual users. Notifications like new features or updates, promotional offers, or fun related stuff can essentially attract them and increase engagement. It can directly alert and provide real-time information to users.

7. Feedback System

Showing that you listen to your customers is beneficial for a business, as allowing them to leave feedback creates a sense of connection. User have a lot of things in their minds regarding a certain app such as comments, questions, or concerns to get resolve. 

So, to make an app successful, users’ feedback is essential. Allowing users to provide feedback can be helpful for your business and can give you an insight into what is bothering people, how to cater to a particular problem, or what needs to change. The rapid solutions or responses from the team can also help you to increase the audience.

8. App Customization

Allowing users to have customization on an app is all they want. It provides a sense of ownership to the users that they have control over fonts, colors, different settings, system functionality, layout, or features. App customization improves the efficiency and secures the data of your app. It enhances user relationships and allows you to access the user’s details and requirements. When you permit the customization according to the user’s needs, it keeps users engaged with the app. 

9. Easy Navigation

Easy navigation will make users aware of where they are on the mobile app and how to access the required information. Easy navigation can stimulate the user’s engagement, enhance the brand consistency, improves the conversion rates, and can help users to reduce efforts in using the app. It can reduce the number of taps and can enhance the experience of the user.

Make sure that finding information and scrolling through the app is as simple as possible. Don’t make users make extra efforts to understand the app. 

10. Start Development Excellent Apps!

The tips and tricks mentioned above will help you in developing engaging and innovative mobile apps for users. But before jumping into the development phase, understand the expectations of your target audience and analyze competitor’s offerings. It is essential to develop and design while keeping the end-users in mind.

Mobile app development is a rich yet challenging field. Make sure every app you develop stands out!

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Tabish Khalid is a Senior Digital Marketing Executive for ApplifyLabs, a web and mobile app development company headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida. He enjoys years-long expertise in digital marketing, social media management, search engine optimization, and more. He loves writing about technologies.

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