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10 Commandments of Good Health

When I started writing seriously in August 2006, I promised myself that I would not be a crusader for anything. I'm not in the business of trying to

When I started writing seriously in August 2006, I promised myself that I would not be a crusader for anything. I’m not in the business of trying to change anything or anybody, and people can live their own lives the way they see fit.

In the area of health care, I just tell folks my story and what I do to stay fit and healthy and out of the doctor’s office, and maybe they’ll learn something from my experiences, or they can do things their own way. If a person wants to commit suicide…one puff at a time; one drink at a time; one snort at a time; one pound at a time; or one heart-attack at a time…there’s nothing I can do about it!

MY TWO-CENTS; (comments/opinions- for whatever it’s worth)

I’ve said in another article I’ve written…and asked, what is one of the best ways to learn? From others, right? Learn from their experiences…both good and bad…learn from their education; their wisdom; skills and talents and from the fact that they’ve been there…they’ve done that, etc.

With respect to health care, everybody’s going to do it their own way, and since I’m not doctor or a medical person, I cannot or won’t give any (medical) advice of any kind. Health care, in my view, is pretty subjective…what is important and serious to one person…may not, necessarily, be important or serious to another person, etc. I arranged the following commandments in the order that I think are of importance to me, but somebody may arrange them in the order they think is of importance to them…eliminate one or more…or just send the complete list to the landfill.

Commandment #1 Thou Shall Not Be a Dumb-Ass or a Jack-Ass

– dumb-ass; (definition); a thoroughly stupid person; a blockhead

– jack-ass; (definition); a male donkey; a contemptibly foolish or stupid person

Get educated! It is said that knowledge is power! How are you going to know what’s wrong with you, unless you get a physical examination and a blood test regularly? You’re not! If you don’t have a clue as to what may be wrong with you…with all the dangerous blood diseases out there, that could render you hopeless, helpless and take your life as well, if the disease is not caught in time. Early detection and prevention are the name of the game, in my view. And yes, I realize that medical costs are through the roof…and not everyone has medical insurance…and not everyone is a veteran to get the medical free…but I would find some way to get a check-up, to avoid severe problems later. I don’t see how anyone can have a quality of life, if they’re worried and sick all the time, etc.

Commandment #2 Thou Shall Not Let Your Doctor’s Instructions Go in One Ear And Out The Other

 If you’re not going to follow your doctor’s instructions…why bother? If your doctor tells you to quit smoking…QUIT SMOKING! If your doctor tells you to lose weight…LOSE WEIGHT! You can’t have it both ways…going to the doctor, and then ignoring his or her instructions.

Commandment #3 Thou Shall Not Set Aside Early Detection and Prevention

I don’t know about you, but I never want to see my doctor ever again as long as I live! To do that, I have to do the things I have to do to stay well…diet; exercise; flu shot and so forth. In the 1970’s, there was a television commercial, in which the mechanic looked straight into the camera and said, “You can pay me now…OR you can pay me later!” And, that’s the way I see it in health care…we can all take care of ourselves NOW…or if we don’t do the things in early detection and prevention…we can all PAY later, etc.

Commandment #4 Thou Shall Not Lie to Yourself

Isn’t denial a river in Egypt? You’re in the best position to watch your nose grow! If you’re not going to be honest with yourself…who can you be honest with? Making excuses and telling these “little white lies,” works against you…makes you look weak and you soon lose your credibility. When you lose your credibility, you lose trust!

Commandment #5 Thou Shall Not Have a Dosed Mind; During the 1970’s

I suffered from the unforgiving migraine headaches, and I had taken over-the-counter and prescription drugs until I was blue in the face, with no success! At that time, there were not many chiropractors in town, but I was so desperate at the time, that I decided to see one, to see if he could help me. It paid off for me, and I got better, but it took time to get well. I don’t suffer from the headaches anymore…and thanks to an open mind. Anything to make me feel better is on my list…acupuncture; yoga; and even a witchdoctor, if need be to feel better, etc.

Commandment #6 Thou Shall Not be Impatient

When I quit smoking in 1970, it took me about a year to get rid of all the cravings for a cigarette; when I lost 40 pounds in 2001, it took me about 10 months to do the job. In 2019, people are too impatient anymore…they want things done yesterday, etc. They want to take their magic pill at night before bed time, and they want to be 30 lighters when they wake up in the morning! These people are dreamers, and it’s not going to happen! Everything takes time! After a person fails at something…they become excuse-makers and whine about what they CAN’T do…instead of what they intend to do.

Commandment #7 Thou Shall Not Underestimate the Importance of a Good Diet

I think diet is one of two of the most important things in our lives…the other being exercise. I’ve never been into eating much bunny food, but little by little…I’m getting smart on the value of eating more fruits and vegetables. Scary, isn’t it? With all the chemicals they put in foods today, it’s no wonder they haven’t found a cure for cancer yet. You can call me a skeptic if you want, but I don’t think they’ll ever find a cure for cancer, because they just put too many chemicals in food today. My diet now consists of 90% less red meat and more poultry and fish…and of course, more bunny food!

Commandment #8 Thou Shall Not Double-Click Your Mouse and Call It Exercise

We know all these bozos, who yawn all year long, and tell you they’re on an exercise program! (yeah, right!) These types of people just suffer from the L-word…LAZY! You know the old saying…if it looks like a lazy person…I asked my father one day, if he had ever walked or jogged around the block to get his exercise, and his answer…”Why should I jog or walk around the block, when I can drive!” Typical lazy person’s response!

In 1986, I started jogging 15 miles a week, because as I said earlier, I suffered from headaches and high-blood pressure, and I thought jogging would help…and it did! One day, I was curious, as to how many miles that was, so I did the math. In 2019…that translates to over 17,0000 miles that I have jogged and it has been worth every step of the way!

Commandment #9 Thou Shall Not Be a Fool

If a person struggles to quit smoking and then starts up again…that person is a FOOL! If a person is lazy, when it comes to their health care…that person is a FOOL! If a person is talked out of taking their medication by some low-life…that person is a DAMNED FOOL! If health care is not on a person’s priority list…that person is a FOOL! If a person doesn’t have the ability to say NO to things that will hurt them…that person is a FOOL! If a person has health insurance or free access to medical health care (such as a veteran) …but doesn’t use it…that person is a FOOL!

– fool; (definition) a weak minded or idiotic person

My father never visited a doctor, because, in his words…”they’re stupid and don’t know anything!” He was sick most of his life, and cried and whined all the way to the grave, blaming everyone for his problems (except himself). Yet, another example of a FOOL!

Commandment #10 Thou Shall Not Underestimate the Value of Lifestyle Changes

Change doesn’t come easy for any of us…quitting smoking; losing weight and eating bunny food, etc. But, making lifestyle changes is critical if you’re are going to win the ballgame or even stay in it. You can have the best doctors in the world; the best medicines in the world; the best technologies in the world, but that’s still not enough. You’re going to need four more ingredients…and they’re all FREE! You can’t get these items over-the-counter, nor you can’t get them by way of a prescription from your doctor. These qualities are in everyone, and you just have to dig deep down into your soul, find them and put them to work. They are, determination; discipline; sacrifice; and commitment. You will NEVER accomplish your goals without them, and you can take that to the bank!

All my life, good health care has been my top priority, and I get a physical exam; flu shot; blood tests every year, etc. For about 3-4 years now, I have been struggling with elevated blood sugar (glucose) and I have kept an eye on it. In 2008, I was told by my doctor at the VA, that the glucose had touched the line of something called, “pre-diabetes.”

The American Diabetes Association states on their website, that 65% of the people with pre-diabetes, go on and get full-blown diabetes…and I don’t intend to be one of them! I’m going to do what I have to do, to keep from getting full-blown diabetes, which we all know is a killer! I can fight back, because I know where I stand because I get blood tests every year, etc. It is reported that 10 million American’s have diabetes…and don’t know it! Diabetes is going to sneak up on them, and by the time they find out, the diabetes could be in the advanced stages, etc. Today, I know what is and what is not in my body, and I can deal with it.

How do you spell relief? E-a-r-l-y d-e-t-e-c-t-i-o-n and p-r-e-v-e-n-t-i-o-n!

And finally, cancer; AIDS; heart-disease; diabetes; high-blood pressure (stroke)…are all killers! And, like so many people all across the country, that are told by their doctors, that there is nothing medicine can do for them…and they are sent home to die! If this piece frightened you…IT SHOULD!

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