10 BEST Places to Visit in Virar

There is sometimes a certain sense of attachment we feel to the cities we visit, live in or merely pass by. If we dig deeper, we may find that this at

There is sometimes a certain sense of attachment we feel to the cities we visit, live in or merely pass by. If we dig deeper, we may find that this attachment could be with the people or their homes, the roads or the scent of belonging, and even the bustle of the ever-moving life of the people there. Virar is not an exception to such a feeling. Envisioned to be a major development city, Virar resorts has achieved the name of a renowned tourism center for couples for a number of reasons, regardless of being so close to the ever-industrious lifestyle of Mumbai.

Here is a list of the Best Places to Visit When in Virar:

  • Anand Resort
  • The Jivdani Temple
  • The Holy Spirit Church
  • Greenhill Resort
  • Beaches
  • Kshitij Resort
  • Rajodi Beach
  • Arnala Beach

#1. Anand Resort

This Virar resort is nothing less than a paradise for couples who are beach lovers. It delivers great prospects for an exciting yet relaxing retreat. Opulent gardens, a water park, candy stands, serene relaxation places, poolside reposing places and many more additional services. This hotel cum resort guarantees the best time for couples and stands out as one of the best hotels in India.

#2. The Jivdani Temple

Virar takes pride in its possession of the solely existing temple of Goddess Jivdani, making it a prominent place across the country. This temple is located about 1375 feet on the top of a hill in the eastern section of the city. During Navratri, this temple is the most crowded, as people from the adjoining regions visit to receive blessings from the goddess. This, in turn, positively impacts the economy of the region as well.

#3. The Holy Spirit Church

Located in Nandhakhal, a rural community in Virar West, the church is assumed to be older than 450 years and was constructed by the Portuguese following their onset to Vasai. The old structure has endured several repairs and renovations over the years.

#4. Greenhill Resort

The milieu of the Pelhar Hills aptly complements the location of the Greenhill Resort. This Virar resorts is nourished with a natural surrounding and delivers enriching activities such as trekking, hiking, and other games. This resort offers an amazing getaway, for couples visiting this place. This famous hotel/resort boasts a number of features that are hard to find for romantic couples in India.

#5. Beaches

The famed Arnala beach and Rajodi beach are located just a couple kilometers west from the railway station. Some others include the Navapur beach and Vatar beach which are also minutes distanced from the Rajodi beach. There are frequent State transport buses and rickshaws that commute the tourists from the railway station.

#6. Kshitij Resort

Another resort, that has been included in the list of places for couples to visit is the mesmerizing Kshitij Resort. The authentic Konkan cuisines served by the resort makes its visitors hungry for more. It is just as contemporary and furnished as it is innate and peaceful.

#7. Rajodi Beach

Rajodi Beach is situated at the Vasai Virar coastal belt and is another most frequented place by couples. This beach is fresh and tidy, and is one of the four attached coastlines with Arnala, Kalamb and Navapur.

Rajodi is a black sand beach with less tree veils in contrast with the neighboring beaches. It has an artificial rocky belt which is a perfect place to watch the sea view. This makes Rajodi beach a prominent choice to spend an evening with your beloved.

#8. Arnala Beach

Arnala beach, situated in Virar resorts is a popular choice among couples from various places. It is enclosed by a very serene view of nature. It is easily accessible due to the availability of public transport from Virar west. The beach is constantly kept clean, making it more pleasing and ensures a good value for your time spent.

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