Kitchens are what separate homes from a hotel room. They are sacred because they are the havens that give us food. We love going to restaurants for the ambience, and it is proof that we enjoy having our food in a beautiful environment. So, why not make Modern kitchen designs your cup of tea?

10 Modern Kitchen Styles That Will Cook Up A Storm In 2019

1. Go Rustic

Love the countryside but live in a city full of traffic jams and not homemade jam? Fret not. Think stone, wood, more stone, and more wood.

2. Black Out

This colourless vibe will give you the ultimate sleek kitchen. Make a chandelier out of hanging pots and voila, you have a kitchen to die for.

3. Open Shelving

It can be uncomfortable for some people to put out all the contents of their compartments out there. Go easy with a few shelves to add character to your space and use cabinets for the not-so-pretty essentials. Add a vase or a candle for more personality.

4. Colourful Tiles

Colours give you energy so do not shy away from them. Tiles are a wonderful way to add colour to your kitchen without making it look too bright.

5. Vintage Way

A vintage kitchen is filled with nostalgia so let the accessories and utensils do the talking. Display the quirky tins, mismatched china, and use fabrics and wallpapers. No one’s going to hold it against you.

6. White And Plants

Add a touch of green to an all white kitchen by decorating it with plants. It will help with fighting indoor pollution, give your kitchen an outdoor feel, and keep it looking fresh and clean.

7. Glam-Metal

Want a kitchen straight out of a Michelin star restaurant? Go glam with a metallic kitchen. Accessorise with metallic hues to add to the oomph quotient.

8. Mix and Match

Play with different textures, patterns, colours, and symmetries. Go all out with mixing and matching because it is 2019, and if not now, then when? Make all your kitchen dreams come true with this trend that can easily be customised to suit your preferences.

9. Tall Fridges

Fridges that are vertically extended take up less space and symbolise good taste (pun totally intended).

10. Rustic And Quirky Sinks

The ultimate contradiction is that old school is now a part of modern interior design. So, go back in time and ask your grandmother for tips on buying a sink that looks like one from the countryside.


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