10 Awesome Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas

Long-distance relationship? Sounds daunting right? But do you know you are one of those lucky few to experience an interesting and unique wa

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Long-distance relationship? Sounds daunting right? But do you know you are one of those lucky few to experience an interesting and unique way to love? Whether you are city or oceans apart, you always find ways to pamper your loved ones. It is obvious that you can’t always connect with each other no matter how vast the technology is but sometimes a thoughtful gift can help deliver your feelings because what words can’t express a gift can. Here is the list of some awesome long-distance relationship gift ideas to convey your love to your special someone.

Long Distance Love Pillow

A long-distance love pillow with a sentimental quote always works. If your loved one has shifted to another city for work or anything send her a long-distance pillow with a message so that it can remind it of you. 

Long Distance Keychain

If you are looking for something unique then a heart-shaped key chain is a good pick. You can break it into 2 pieces one you can keep with you and the other one you can send it to your loved one residing in another city.

Couple Bracelet

A set of couple bracelets gives you him and her bracelet that means you two feel connected to each other if your other half resides in another city like Hyderabad. All you have to do is go online and add your chosen gift in the cart and send this gift to Hyderabad. There is nothing better way to surprise your loved ones.

Photo Magnet

A photo magnet is a special way to let someone know how much you miss them. It is a reminder of the memories you have spent together. Send your loved ones a photo magnet as a constant reminder that he/she is locked with you for a lifetime.

Message in a Bottle

Yet again a special way to let your special someone know you miss them! If your loved one resides in another city, then it is a perfect way to express your love. Write a heartfelt note and put it in a cute bottle. 

Personalized Phone Case

Another gift to keep the love sparkling is a personalized phone case. Deliver a personalized phone case with a lovely message or a pic of you two. 

Color Changing Mug

A color-changing mug to express the love you have for your other half. This mug changes from black color when you pour something hot in it. You can customize it with a love quote or a cute message.

Promise ring

A promise ring is one of the best you can give to your other half if they are residing in another city or town. Engrave your special date, quote or initials. 

Personalized Night Lamp

This is the coolest gift for a long-distance relationship. A personalized touch night lamp will connect you to your loved ones residing in another city. When you turn one on with a simple touch of your hand, its mate emits the same glow, no matter where you are.

Cake with Bouquet

If you want to send them an extra special surprise for their special occasion, deliver the cake with flowers to their workplace on their birthday. For instance, if your girlfriend is living in Lucknow and you are working in Delhi still you can send cakes easily on her birthday. Just pick your phone and book online cake delivery in Lucknow to surprise her.  

So, hope these ideas will connect you to your beloved ones sitting far away from you.