Wipro And IBM to Work Together for Better Acceleration on the Cloud Journey

An announcement came from Wipro's headquarters that Wipro and IBM( International Business Machine) are coming together for a sensational collaboratio

An announcement came from Wipro’s headquarters that Wipro and IBM( International Business Machine) are coming together for a sensational collaboration to help their users get premium quality and better hold on the cloud journey. According to their announcement, they will also be developing hybrid cloud offerings to help other migrant businesses and to manage critical workloads and applications with proper security on all types of IT security premises.

This collaboration is named as Wipro IBM Novus Lounge, situated in the Kodathi campus in Bengaluru. According to the announcement made by the IT company they will comprehend various suites of solutions including leveraging Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and the Internet to foster innovation for enterprises. The claims they had already made says that it will be a massive opportunity for developers and startups to grow their business. Their customers or cloud users will have a direct insight into their newly improved and experienced business agility.

On the other hand, the initiative taken by Wipro will also leverage IBM’s cloud offerings and technologies to provide high-quality technologies in Banking and financial services and also some other important services like the energy and utility, retail, manufacturing and healthcare faculty.

MR Nagarajan the Vice president of Cloud services Wipro stated in a recent interview that Wipro’s motto is to empower their customers around the globe to experience the best cloud journey ever possible. He claimed that their business first strategy and industrialized solutions to the problems is what makes them favourite to their cloud users. He added that how this collaboration will help their customers and users continue their uses and businesses unconditionally.

On the other hand, Gaurav Sharma, Vice president of Cloud and cognitive department in IBM India said that the world is moving faster around digital transformations and they must indulge in a leverage combined power of data to fulfil the wills of their cloud users.

The two IT hubs of India are coming together to offer Wipro’s expertise in various industries and IBM’s open sources and insights of hybrid cloud to their trusted users. This collaboration is done to secure premium level hybrid cloud, Data and AI.

Wipro very recently was awarded the IBM Beacon Award for being the best IBM Hybrid Multi-Cloud Practice at IBM Partner world 2020. According to the consultancy hubs in India, this opportunity will be a great step towards the digital growth of India in these difficult times of Covid-19.