Why You Need Leadership Training To Grow

The key to successful leadership is influence not authority. - Kenneth.H.Blanchard. Many organisations ask their employees to undergo leadership trai

The key to successful leadership is influence not authority. – Kenneth.H.Blanchard.

Many organisations ask their employees to undergo leadership training. The purpose of these is to train an individual to increase productivity within your company and to take ownership of their jobs and the tasks required of them. By engaging your fellow employees in leadership roles, you can understand their ability, work ethic and professional drive to succeed. First and foremost, it’s important to gauge if an employee is ready for such training. If they lack the necessary skill set, then assigning them to a leadership role can be a risky and bad move. 

In this article, we tell you the different ways in which leadership programs can help hone your skills. Read on…

Increase in productivity

From increasing opportunity and productivity, the right leadership program can increase workforce creativity. As a leader, you can provide direction to staff and check on their performance. With the ability to access problems, manage situations and provide good solutions, the team will thrive. If being led consistently, the productivity will increase as a result. 

WIth the help of leadership training an opportunity is created for employees to achieve new goals. The training also allows for employers to identify potential employees who aspire to unlock their potential. Most likely, with the help of the training, employees can remain focussed and increase their performance levels. 

Attract, develop and retain 

Having a leadership development plan is important to attract talent into the company. 

As an employee, it’s good to know that if you want to scale up the career ladder, your organisation has the means to help you train for it. Some employees leave jobs as they feel they aren’t learning anything. This can change if you have a good leadership training program. 

Nurture future leaders

As a firm, it’s best to be ahead of times when it comes to nurturing talent and future leaders. In most companies, leadership roles are given to employees who have strong personalities. But that’s an incorrect step most firms take. Quality leadership is a mix of the right qualities and training. And nurturing employees correctly, supports succession planning and offers career pathways to employees to ensure they are retained. 

Improve their managerial skills and abilities

A sure shot way to teach employees new strategies is through leadership training. This will increase employee performance as well as the firm’s business. If employees focus on skill growth, they can better align with the role of a leader. Leadership programs also develop among all the managers, a feeling of responsibility for participation in making improvements.

Effectively manage change

Another important use of leadership programs is that they help navigate the company during challenging times. Employees are able to think on their feet and respond rapidly in unpredictable environments. During times of crisis, change, restructuring, new competition or political upheaval, effective leadership is what will save the day.

Improve corporate culture

In the corporate field, inculcating leadership programs can help employees know you care about them and inspire them to perform extremely well. Programmes that include coaching can boost employee morale and alter the workplace environment to be more positive. Coaching programmes also help reinforce a company’s mission and vision. 

It will help you clarify your vision

It’s a known fact that successful leaders have a clear vision and know what they want to achieve and know how to achieve it. A leadership training assures you will be able to examine your organisation and see what the future may unfold. Employees will be able to communicate their vision to truly motivate people around you. 

There are numerous leadership training programmes that can help your organisation reach its pinnacle of success. Here are a few leadership training programs you can seek out for your organisation. 

Sailaja Manacha is an executive coach in Bangalore with clients across India and the rest of the world. In her 24 years as a psychotherapist, teacher and leadership coach, she’s come to realise that radical self-enquiry is the key to finding your inner edge. 

Her unique executive coaching techniques blend Psychology, Ontology, NLP and Spiritual frameworks with rich, real-world experiences to help you practise self-awareness, overcome professional and personal limitations and find your inner edge to live and lead well.

Arvind is passionate about helping people realising their purpose, rediscovering their hidden potential and achieving their dreams. He’s the founder of Achieve Thyself, through which he promotes achievement of self, by self and for self.

Aniruddha is a certified executive and leadership coach with 20+ years of corporate experience in the human capital space. I am currently working on helping individuals to unleash their potential through coaching.

Having a good leadership program is a good reason for employees to join the company. Not only does it encourage people to stick around for longer, it also helps in bringing in good leadership skills to an able team.