Why Workspace Is Crucial for Employee’s Success

Education and experience are crucial for employee's success but other things can help them be better at their jobs. One of those things is the very w

Education and experience are crucial for employee’s success but other things can help them be better at their jobs. One of those things is the very workspace they work in and how it looks, feels and affects their productivity. From choosing the right colors to getting the right furniture, here are some ideas that will inspire your employees to be successful and satisfied.  

Work on the office layout

Before you start with renovations and interior design, take a good look at the current office layout. To create the best workspace for your employees you need to pay attention to the position of the windows and free space. Open office plans were thought effective, but now new studies show that it may not be the case. 

So, concentrate on creating separate rooms for different teams, private offices as well as an area like conference rooms for big meetings. This will minimize the noise and eliminate the lack of privacy open floor plans caused so your employees will be more focused and concentrated on their tasks.

Opt for ergonomic furniture

A normal workday lasts for eight hours and this means that your employees need to spend that amount of time standing or sitting down. Pain and bad posture are the most commonly associated with these preventing employees to do their jobs with full attention. But with proper ergonomic furniture, this can all disappear and they will feel more comfortable at their workstations. 

For example, adjustable height desks allow them to switch between sitting and standing when they work. A chair with proper back support will make sure that your employees don’t slouch and keep good posture at all times. A footrest for under the desk will keep the legs properly elevated to prevent swelling and for proper blood circulation. 

Artwork improves productivity 

People experience the office they work in and that reflects on their job performance. The artwork is one of the ways to help them create positive associations with workspace and in turn be more dedicated employees. One study found that pictures in the office increased productivity by 17% when compared to bare walls. 

So, by decorating the walls with artwork and using other forms of it like sculptures you will increase employee engagement and boost their performance. Furthermore, it will enrich the space making people feel happier and more energized to handle stressful and difficult tasks.

Create a relaxation area

A relaxation area doesn’t have to be anything huge, but space where your employees can come during breaks and clear their minds. A Zen garden in the hallway, reading nooks in the kitchen or game area are all ideas intended to reduce stress and create comfortable working conditions. Since reducing stress will decrease sick leaves and enhance employees’ performance, you will be gaining an asset to make your company more successful.

Some employers go as far as to have a massage room or yoga area to help their employees take care of their musculoskeletal system.  These things show your employees you care about their health and that how valuable they are to the company making them loyal and dedicated to the work.

Use colors to inspire

It’s well established that color affects the mind and sets the mood. So, choosing the right one for office is a serious task that can be a game-changer for productivity. For example, blue stimulates the mind helping your employees stay focused and finish their tasks with good results. Yellow is excellent for creativity since it affects emotions, while green is about balance and reassurance perfect for financial industries.

However, prevent paint damage by positioning furniture like chairs away from the walls and get door stops online. That way the office will look fresh and new for a long time inspiring with its colors your employees to be productive and creative. You can add a secondary color here and there to make the decor more interesting just make sure they are complementary and don’t create aesthetical chaos.

Introduce nature to the workspace

Plants should be an integral part of any workspace since nature has many benefits to the human mind. Besides being visually stimulating and enriching the offices with their green shades, plants also purify the air. They remove harmful pollutants like dust mites, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde and constantly produce fresh oxygen. 

Also, plants reduce noise and chance room acoustics which is quite beneficial if the workplace has hardwood floors, marble walls or is near to the busy streets. Indoor plants reduce stress as well and in that way increase the productivity at the workplace. If you have an outdoor space like a terrace or roof, use it as a nice opportunity to create a green environment where your employees can take breaks.  


All these design tips will not only create a workspace crucial for employee’s success but also give you an environment to attract and retain new talent. After all, a saying “a happy employee is a productive employee” exists for a reason and every employer striving for success should have that in mind.