Why ID Card Printing is Important in Business

Investing in an in-house ID card printer is a fantastic way to boost the security and efficiency of your workplace. Card printers are a one-time inve

Investing in an in-house ID card printer is a fantastic way to boost the security and efficiency of your workplace. Card printers are a one-time investment that will last you for years and years to come. The right printer will enable you to quickly print high quality, technical cards for identification, security and more. You might be on the fence about taking the next step towards safety, if that’s the case, consult these reasons to invest in an ID card printer:


Getting ID cards printed involves communicating with a services and printing provider, and you usually have to have cards printed in batches. Imagine the fuss of having to send on employee details, review different designs back and forth, picking the plastic card to be printed on, only to find out you have to print a minimum number of, say ten, cards. That is seriously painful and can be very expensive. ID card printers are a one-time investment that gives you ultimate control over your ID card printing, saving you time, money and resources in the long run.


As mentioned above, ID card printers save you tonnes of time. For one, the communicative process of having cards printed is diminished. Secondly, you can take an employee’s photo, plug in their details and print out a high-quality card in a matter of minutes. This is particularly useful for larger companies that need cards printed often, or for workplaces that experience a few lost or damaged cards on the regular, as well as universities, clubs, hospitals and government agencies.

Design Potential

Securing yourself an ID card printer and card printing software unlocks a whole world of exciting design potential. Your team can create amazingly inspiring cards with bold colours, your company logo and interesting typography. Remember that if you’re printing membership cards, this is a really good opportunity to encourage brand affinity, a physical reminder of your company and your unique services is something that’s very impactful and valuable for the long term.  

Once you’ve decided to enhance your business with a professional ID card printer, it’s time to go about selecting the right one. For this decision, you should consider these factors:

Business Size

To choose the best printer for your company, you need to consider the size of your operation, and the number of people that you employ, or need to ID print cards for. Smaller companies can still benefit from an ID card printer, they should just opt for a downscaled, simplified model. For large corporations or universities, you can consider a printer that delivers on everything, including lamination and hole punching (for lanyards, holders, reels or clips!) 

Type of ID Card

Consider the type of card that you need. Do you want a simple bar code or magnetic strip? Or maybe proximity or smart cards? Maybe you need maximum security? A MIFARE card would work better. Consider the type of card that you need before you place an order for your blank plastic IDs. 

Future Demand

Always consider the potential changes in your company. Is your business set for growth? Then you should definitely consider investing in a highly technical printer. If you’re unsure of your future customer base or the number of staff on hand, hold off on the big investment and go for a medium-sized printer that’ll perform mid-level functions brilliantly. 

ID card printers are amazing for all kinds of businesses, from boutique to corporation, local to global, you can definitely benefit from their many advantages. Start exploring your printer options to move towards a safer, more efficient, cost-effective company today!