What Should You Have to Grab a Receptionist’s Job?

If you want to know what qualities one must possess to become a receptionist, then you should go for this article. A receptionist is a person in an of

If you want to know what qualities one must possess to become a receptionist, then you should go for this article. A receptionist is a person in an office/regulatory support position. The work is typically performed in a waiting area, for example, a lobby or front office/work area of an association or business. The title “receptionist” is credited to the person who welcomes employees, guests, patients, or customers to a particular organization.

Responsibilities of a Receptionist:

  • Greeting visitors: One of the important duties of a receptionist is to welcome guests. The assistant is the first person whom the visitors meet whenever they come to visit your office. Despite the fact that this is an entry-level role, an effective assistant must be both a brilliant communicator and a solid manager, comfortably interfacing with people of all influences and expert levels.
  • Distributing mails: In a few organizations, a receptionist regulates the conveyance of incoming and outgoing mail. With the arrival of the mails, the work of receptionist begins. He/she sorts out important emails and takes out the junk mails. The email gets circulated by organization’s policy.
  • Administrative talk: A receptionist has to perform several of administrative tasks, which includes planning financial spreadsheets, drafting and making presentations. Dealing with the calendars of senior colleagues and influencing business to travel arrangement may also fall under the domain of the receptionist in small or mid organizations. The front-work area secretary is likewise some time charged with requesting office supplies, recording reports, making photocopies, and sending and getting faxes. In a few examples, the individual sitting out front may likewise perform light accounting undertakings.

Skills of a Receptionist:

  • Effective Communication: It is necessary for a receptionist to have good communication skills. Active attention and extraordinary customer service abilities are an absolute necessity. A talented secretary can associate caller and visitors with the correct workers, and additionally handle essential client benefit issues and demands proficiently.
  • Professionalism: Being a receptionist you need to build a good first impression as you will be the first person your customer, guests, and future workers encounter. They should be someone with professional appearance and attitude.
  • Interpersonal Balance: Good interpersonal skills go with impressive personality and humble attitude. To be a receptionist you need to teams up effortlessly, give and get feedback gracefully and rise above petty office politics. Search for an applicant who teams up effortlessly, can give and get feedback easily, and transcends unimportant office legislative issues. Soft skills like friendliness and likability are particularly imperative for the receptionist role.
  • Organizational abilities: To be a receptionist one has to organize the people to keep them on track. You should always keep a backup whenever an unexpected thing occurs. They maintain a tidy work place; they can easily find phone numbers and files at any time.
  • Technical skills: To become a receptionist, you should be aware of operating the technical devices that include phone systems, copier, and printers. Apart from this, you should be familiar with the word processing skills such as Excel, desktop publishing, social media or industry-specific software etc.

Salary of a Receptionist:

The average salary for a receptionist is S$25,000 per year. For the initial five to ten years in this position, pay increments.

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