What is the Role of AWS Solutions Architect?

In today’s job market, IT professionals are increasingly looking forward to forging a career in cloud computing. As companies are moving ahead of the

In today’s job market, IT professionals are increasingly looking forward to forging a career in cloud computing. As companies are moving ahead of the early days of adopting cloud technologies, professionals want to gain cloud computing skills and fill the talent gap faced by organizations. There are many open positions for cloud architects and engineers among organizations that are adopting emerging cloud technologies for building applications.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s leading could services platform offering cloud computing infrastructure over the Internet. Companies use AWS for a variety of business needs. AWS backed services are being adopted by companies all over the world; therefore the demand for professionals who can work on this cloud platform is rising considerably.

One of the most sought after job role in the field of AWS is AWS Solutions Architect. To achieve this position, professionals should have a thorough understanding of how AWS technologies are used to architect and deploy robust applications. You can validate these skills by passing the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Examination. Once you become a certified AWS Solutions Architect, you can prove your worth in the rapidly evolving cloud market and give your IT career a real leg up.

If you are planning to become an AWS Solutions Architect and wondering what would be the responsibilities that you would be handling, then this article will help you gather all the relevant information.

Roles and Responsibilities of AWS Solutions Architect

Achieving an AWS Solutions Architect certification is a preferred way to enter the cloud architecting space for most of the IT professionals. Candidates with this credential have to convert the project’s technical requirements to the architecture and design so that it leads to the delivery of the desired product.

Some of the critical responsibilities handled by an AWS Certified Solutions Architect include:

  • Lead the development process and resolve any complex issues that arise
  • Knowledge of how to design distributed applications in AWS
  • Understand the customer requirements and issues faced and design solutions for them
  • Experience of working with DevOps tools
  • To speed up the production by using cloud techniques and encouraging automation
  • To decide the framework or platform which would fit best to solve a specific problem
  • Estimate cost of the AWS service to be deployed and find out ways to do cost control
  • Encourage the solution architect team to use AWS best practices
  • Ensure that the systems built on AWS are scalable and fault-tolerant
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest features introduced by AWS from time to time

Salary Prospects

Taking into account the Salary Survey conducted by Payscale, an AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate commands an average salary of $108,000 in the U.S. The same professional when upgrades to become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional draws an average salary of $120,000. This demonstrates the importance of adding this credential to your resume.

How can AWS training help?

If the roles mentioned above sound like an interesting work routine for you, then you are ready to become a cloud architect and devote yourself to the world of cloud computing. But achieving an AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification requires you to have prior knowledge and working experience in cloud platforms and services. This is where training can help. You can take an AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training Course to gain all the necessary skills and demonstrate a deeper interest in Amazon Web Services. So start your cloud computing journey today and grab the opportunity to land your dream job.