What are the Different Types of Commercial Printing?

Everywhere you look there are printed materials, signs, and publications all around. Brochures, leaflets, direct mailers, and full color ads abound—an

Everywhere you look there are printed materials, signs, and publications all around. Brochures, leaflets, direct mailers, and full color ads abound—and for good reason. They are highly effective tools for spreading information. Let’s explore what commercial printing really is, how it’s used, and where to secure the highest quality results that leave the impression and convey the message that you want to exude.

What is Commercial Printing?

Commercial printing services are in demand for individuals, small and large businesses, non-profits, data providers and various services seeking to inform potential customers and clients about their current, past, or future endeavors. Anyone who is in need of sharp looking for custom professionally printed materials will find the solutions they need here at Custom Printing, Inc.

Printing for commercial efforts comes in many forms designed to suit a variety of industries and purposes. It involves the transfer of logos, artwork, text, etc. onto the desired surface with high-tech commercial printing equipment. Advertisers, publishers, retailers, and marketers most often request custom printed materials such as:

  • Books, Catalogs and Magazines
  • Brochures, Newsletters, Leaflets and Flyers
  • Business Cards and Custom Stationery Letterheads
  • Menus, Guest Checks, and Table Tents
  • Direct Mailers and Postcards
  • Signs, Posters and Banners
  • Swag: T-Shirts, Magnets, Key Chains

The goal of the project and materials you choose will often determine the commercial printing type utilized.

Commercial Printing Styles and Methods

The beauty of mass printings is uniformity and precision that establishes or further promotes your branding goals. To achieve the perfect look for every project, there are four primary types of commercial printing methods: offset lithography, digital, large format, and LED UV. Which type is best for you? We’ll discuss each method and what materials they are most appropriate for.

Offset Lithography—The Most Popular Type of Commercial Printing

Oil and water just don’t mix, but the methods involved in offset lithography gets past that scientific reality with a unique process that allows for printing on most any flat surface—even plastic, wood, and canvas. Offset lithography is the most requested form of commercial printing due to its affordability and versatility. During the printing operation, an image is imprinted into a plate that contains the finished content results.

The plate itself is then inked and the image is offset, or transferred, from the plate onto a rubber blanket which then prints the image onto the desired surface. Ideal for high volume runs, offset lithograph printing is popularly used for newspapers, stationery, signs, posters, leaflets and books and items with colored illustrations.

Digital Commercial Printing

Digital printing for commercial purposes is gaining in popularity and close to surpassing offset lithography due to its convenience, the speed of full color printing and the fact that set up fees are typically reduced or waived entirely.

Digital printing is the optimal choice for those seeking personalization for even short sized runs. Choosing digital means endless creativity, making it popular for banners, menus, newsletters, labels and point of sale items for businesses seeking to make a stellar impression with promotional materials.

Large Format Commercial Printing

Go big and make a lasting impression with passersby and potential clients with large format printing customized for your commercial purposes. This printing style is specifically used to create materials that are too large in size to print on standard commercial presses. Also known as display print or format printing, specialty equipment is required for large format printing.

Get the attention of passersby or those at a distance seeking a point of reference with these eye-catching prints in full color. Prints on cardboard can be life sized of larger and make excellent last-minute reminders at POS positions. Banners, wallpaper, signage, floor graphics, pop-up displays, and much more can be achieved with this commercial printing mode.

Commercial Printing Using LED UV Technology

LED UV technology is arguably the highest quality of commercial printing available today. Sharp, vivid images and crystal-clear text make a memorable impact on viewers which could serve as a lead into a marketing funnel. Due to a unique heat-fueled UV curing and drying process, this method can be used on most surfaces including uncoated stock and glossy surfaces.

Not only do printed materials retain their true characteristics without anti-set powder sprays or coatings, skipping these steps allows LED UV commercial printing to be more Eco-friendly than other types. Standby consumption, CO2 emissions, and chemical usage are reduced, minimizing the job’s carbon footprint—a big plus in modern businesses going green.

One of the biggest appeals of LED UV is that the turnaround time for commercial printing jobs is fairly fast without sacrificing quality. The most typical uses for this method include high-end goods, look books, magazines, brochures, catalogues, and other materials that need to be 100% perfect every time.

Choose Custom Printing for Your Commercial Print Materials

Custom Printing has nearly three decades of commercial printing experience in multiple formats. We have the latest state-of-the-art tools and equipment that are operated by highly trained professional printers. From trade show collateral and catalogs to posters and flyers and everything in between, our dedicated team is ready to think outside of the box to help you get the final results you envision.

We take pride in being one of the best commercial printing services are in demand and are ready to accept any challenge. With the aims of always striving to improve quality, procedures, and turnaround times, come find out why people continue to rely on Custom Printing’s services. Contact us online or call 805-485-3700 to discuss your needs and get a free quote.

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