What Are The Benefits Of Respite Care?

Information about respite care, what it involves and the many benefits it provides for family caregivers. Caregiving can be incredibly rewarding, bu

Information about respite care, what it involves and the many benefits it provides for family caregivers.

Caregiving can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be very stressful and challenging. Most caregivers are not able to remain in their caring role long-term without some support and help.

As much as the person being cared for requires care, caregivers too need help in order to remain healthy and happy. Respite care is designed to provide support for caregivers, giving them the chance to get a break from the huge responsibility they have day to day.

There are many benefits to respite, and here are just a few of them:

Peace Of Mind

Statistics showthat only a third of people trust that elderly people get the care they should in residential care or within home care services. By using a trusted home care service with qualified carers, you can get the peace of mind you need to make the most of the time to yourself you get when you use respite care services.

Time To Recharge

You can have a long bath, get your hair done, walk in the local park, visit a local art gallery or go and sit down for tea and cake. You have the time you need to recharge your batteries.

A Change For Your Loved One

Your loved one loves you and spending time with you, but that doesn’t mean they won’t benefit from the company of a new person. Your respite carer won’t just be providing care, they will be providing companionship too, which offers a change for your loved one to enjoy.

The Space To Destress

Caregiving can be stressful, and built up stress can cause emotions like anger, frustration and other unwanted feelings to build up. By taking the time out to exercise, rant to a friend, walk it off or otherwise let that stress out, you can feel calmer and better able to cope with the demands of caring day to day.

Time To Enjoy Yourself

You don’t need to feel guilty about having time to enjoy yourself. You’re a person too, with a right to enjoy your life and respite gives you some time to do exactly what you want to feel better.

Socializing Time

Caregiving can be lonely, and so respite care enables caregivers the chance to avoid loneliness by providing time for interaction with others. Time with friends and family, or even a partner is so important and respite gives you the chance to enjoy that.

Bespoke Care

A care that is provided is bespoke to your needs so you can get specialist care, basic care, emergency care and live-in care services if you need them.

Arranging Respite Care

If you want respite care to help you avoid caregiver burnout, the starting point is speaking to your GP and your local social services to find out what to do next. You will likely need to get a care assessment for your loved one, and there may be several steps to arrange NHS support. If you want private care, start by contacting some live in care agencies to get an idea of costs and how to make care arrangements.