Weight Limit Of Shopping Bags Before The Handles Break

Shopping bags are essential elements in the retail industry. These allow customers to carry their purchases from your store. Apart from being environ

Shopping bags are essential elements in the retail industry. These allow customers to carry their purchases from your store. Apart from being environmentally friendly and allowing customization, the ideal shopping bags should bear the wear of the contents. This requires having handles strong enough to hold the contents until the customer reaches their destination. 

Shopping bag handles

Ideal packaging for your store should create, deliver, and optimize value to customers. This subsequently leads to more sales. Quality shopping bags with sturdy handles give customers a positive experience. Structure of your shopping bags has significant importance regarding perfuming full functionality. This allows your brand to physically hold the customer’s hand until delivery of the purchases. 

Shopping bag handles come in different materials and designs. For a positive experience, ensure to use bags with handles offering greater transportation resilience and ease. This offers convenience when moving with purchases from your store to the customer’s destination. Below is how weight limit is essential for shopping bags with handles that customers love to hold without compromising aesthetics. 

Twisted paper handles 

Some shopping paper bags with handles come with strong and rigid twisted handles. These are machine-made with a higher weight limit. Twisting the handles doesn’t make them feel luxurious buy gives the shopping bag ability to support more weight. This allows customers to move with their purchases without worry that the handles are going to break. Another good thing about these handles is the ease of making them. This allows a quick turnaround time after placing your order. 

Handles on a shopping bag allow holding and carrying items easily regardless of shape. Bags with twisted handles come in different materials and finishes. A reputable supplier will have a range of shopping bags with this handle to choose the best for your store. Common shopping bags that come with twisted handles include:

  • Printed shopping bags 
  • Glossy shopping bags
  • Shadow stripe colored bags 
  • Ice collection paper bags
  • White and brown Kraft paper bags 
  • Metallic colored shopping bags
  • Brightly colored paper bags 

Rope handles

Apart from their clean touch of elegance, rope handles come with quality sophistication. Rope handles are from cotton, poly, or a blend of poly and cotton. Those made from cotton have an upscale feel and more strength. Cotton rope handles are thicker for comfort when holding. This comes in handy when carrying heavier items. These handles have a wax coat for a more sleek and modern appeal that makes them distinctively softer and without a shimmering effect. 

Rope handles from poly are cheaper and more popular than cotton handles. These are very cheap to manufacture and easy to attach to the shopping bags. However, they come with a shimmering effect that makes them shiner and are a bit rough. Poly rope handles for shopping bags come in bold and electric colors for customizing your shopping bags. These handles can bear heavier weight without breaking. 

Ribbon handles 

Backed by a soft and luxurious glossy finish, ribbon shopping bag handles are quite durable. This makes them ideal for carrying customer purchases. Ribbon handles come in various colors and match any style of shopping bag. These handles are not ideal for supporting heavy items. Shopping bags with ribbon handles are ideal for smaller and lighter items like clothing. The look and feel of these handles give your shopping bags a classy appeal. 

Ribbon handles give shopping bags a more luxurious and refined look for fashion boutiques. The options for ribbon handles include the double-faced shiny finish on the ribbon and single-faced shiny finish on one side. 

Folded paper handles 

Constructed from simple paper, folded handles are common on most shopping bags. The handles are ideal for small shopping bags making them ideal for supporting low weight. These handles are eco-friendlier for an easier recycling process. 

Apart from being more sustainable, folded paper handles are cheaper that ribbon or rope handles. Folded paper shopping bag handles come in various handles including flat fold paper handles. These have a simple fold construction with an elegant finish. This offers exceptional stability and comfort. 

Die-cut handles 

Shopping bags with die-cut handles ooze simplicity and are cut right into the bag without other materials. These handles are not ideal for supporting heavy products. However, die-cut handles offer exceptional resistance from tear and puncture. 

Additionally, the die-cut handles get reinforcement from patches that offer extra strength. This allows customers to carry their purchases conveniently and safely to their destination. These handles don’t extend beyond the edge of the shopping bag, unlike other handle options. 

Bottom line 

Innovations are making shopping bags more durable and reliable. This is making these bags ideal for carrying various items with varying weight. Knowledge of handle options for your shopping bags is essential to ensure that customers will carry their items safely and conveniently.