Top 6 Tips For Cool Web Design Trends You Will See in 2019

If you are someone who provides website design services, you must always keep yourself updated with the latest hacks of web designing. Starting from l

If you are someone who provides website design services, you must always keep yourself updated with the latest hacks of web designing. Starting from layout and colors to typography and custom themes, you must know all! In this blog, we have shared 6 cool tips of web designing in 2019.

  • Flat Design

As the name suggests, flat design is a minimalist design approach that involves using clean and open space, bright colors, and simple 2-D illustrations.  According to expert web designers, this simple website design services technique will be the hot choice in 2019 due to the rising demand for fast loading websites in desktops and mobile devices.

The flat designing approach relies on simple illustrations. This means the overall loading time is reduced considerably. And to top it all, they are an excellent choice for UX perspective.

  • Animated  GIFs

According to a recent study, users now have an instant gratification mindset. This means you will have only a small window of opportunity to capture their attention and address their search queries. This is when GIFs can be extremely helpful.

They are appropriate for conveying bright ideas in a very short span of time. And the most exciting part is, they are compatible with every browser and mobile device. Moreover, they don’t reduce the loading time of the website by making it heavy.  

  • Chat Bots

Conversing with your potential users or buyers is always a great idea to keep them engaged. This is when chatbots can be of immense use. The best thing about chatbots is, it provides the user with instant responses and filters them to the concerned person based on their issues. This means that there will be an improvement in efficiency and mode of operations.

Another cool thing about integrating chatbots on the website is that it helps in understanding consumer behavior. Analysts get a clear idea about the buying patterns of the user by drafting clear buyer personas from the conversation that they had with the Chat Bot.

  • White Board

You must have understood by now that web designing these days is moving towards “less is more” mindset.  This simply means that designers are now inclining towards simpler layouts with greater white space (the empty space on the page).

According to expert web designers providing website design services, using a greater amount of white space for separating the different sections of the pages improves readability and makes it easy for users to digest the contents. You can also use animations on the white space to redirect user eyes down the page.

  • Organic Shapes

Any shape that is irregular and uneven has been termed as an ‘organic shape’. To put it simply, it is the modern way of saying imperfect in the world of web designing. Experts say that they appear more humanistic and adds a personable touch to the website.

This implies that they are the perfect choice for grabbing user attention. And when compared to an illustration or image, they add depth to the website and breaks the monotony of the circles and squares that are usually used in web designing.

  • Broken Grid and Asymmetrical Layouts  

Since 2017, web designers all over the world are breaking the rule and are designing out of the grid. This is providing them with creative freedom and a high level of authority on the page. As per experts, this extra level of authority is extremely beneficial for drawing the attention of the user down the page and, in turn, pulling them to the actionable part of your website.

The first month of 2019 is already gone! Unless you keep yourself updated with the latest designing trends, you will have to miss out a whole lot of customers. Here’s is a list of 6 important tips that can really help you design cool and attractive websites. Just make sure you follow each of them.