Importance Of Vsd Drives In Chillers Farming Industries

The vsd chillers are known to be energy saving. The vsd are variable speed drives which can help reduce the chiller’s annual energy use by up to 30 pe

The vsd chillers are known to be energy saving. The vsd are variable speed drives which can help reduce the chiller’s annual energy use by up to 30 percent and still operate reliably in a wide range of conditions. 

There are two things which make this possible:

When at part load and the cooling capacity is reduced, the vsd chiller would use less energy than a constant speed chiller. It would always try to reduce the compressor speed to match the load. 

When the condition is low-lift, due to reduced water temperature or chilled-water-supply temperature being increased, nearly four times the energy can be saved if the vsd chiller is designed to operate in such off-design conditions.

Reduces operating cost – The manufacturers are always under pressure to control the costs without affecting the operations or risking safety and comfort. Energy is one of the largest operating expenses and improving the energy efficiency of mechanical cooling systems is one of the best options to reduce operating costs. If it is a typical water-cooled chiller plant, it would account for a huge amount of energy consumption which makes it important to improve the efficiency of the chiller as it would also be critical in controlling operating costs. 

There are air chillers also available in the market. The air-cooled chiller circulates a glycol solution through plate coolers which cools the milk in the farming industry within 2 degrees of the water temperature. The glycol chillers are effective refrigeration systems and are used in dairy farming to keep milk cool and last long.  The instant cooling system lowers the milk temperature but not all operate as efficiently as a company would expect. The air-cooled chillers can cool faster and more efficiently.

Some companies apply the correct formula as the system is sensitive and proper installation is important to make it function efficiently.  The complete chiller system can be made into a standalone arrangement which means fewer add-on components are required on the site. The glycol refrigeration system, on the other hand, is simple to install and can be done in one go saving a huge amount of time.

Nowadays, all chillers are made to be more efficient than the previous ones and it is not a surprise to find fixed-speed centrifugal chillers that consume about 0.60 kW per ton of cooling. The vsd chillers are known for their superior efficiency.

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