Top 10 Venture Capital Firms Investing In Blockchain Tech Companies

The Blockchain being a part of the tech field is inevitable in the present time, as it is pacing right at the moment and with its diverse applications

The Blockchain being a part of the tech field is inevitable in the present time, as it is pacing right at the moment and with its diverse applications in almost every area, it is attracting a lot of investment across the globe. More importantly, the investment in blockchain is being fueled by some of the top venture capital firms.

As per a report by Crypto Fund Research which was formulated in 12 months last year, there were a total of 282 blockchain deals, which took the deal volume to be around $1.19 billion. The biggest investors of the field made all the funding recorded in this report.

Now with so much of going on in the domain of blockchain, we have come up with a list of top 10 venture capital firms that have heavily invested in the blockchain tech companies.

Top 10 Blockchain Venture Capital Firms

1.Digital Currency Group

The New York-based company is the top company in our list and it’s because of its volume of investments that it had made in the last a couple of years. It’s also one of the first blockchain investors and has made 15 blockchain investments in 12 months.

2.Pantera Capital

Pantera Capital firm is second on our list and it’s because the company is into hybrid hedge fund/venture funds investments in blockchain companies. The company also invests in tokens and cryptocurrencies.

3.Blockchain Capital

Blockchain Capital firm started its journey in the blockchain landscape in 2013 by investing in the Series A funding of BTCC and interestingly, BTCC is the world’s oldest Bitcoin trading platform. After that, the company kicked-off with more such investments which totals to 37 investments since date.

4.Andreessen Horowitz

Andreessen Horowitz has its other name as a16z and is the only venture capital listed in our rundown which doesn’t exclusively deals in blockchain investments and digital assets. The first investment round of Andreessen Horowitz was in 2013 and since then, the company has made 14 such investments in the blockchain firms.

5.Node Capital

The Beijing based company is more into investment via initial coin offerings (ICOs), which also makes it one of such companies which deal in such a way. Node Capital made 21 investment in 12 months which totaled the investment value to be around $15 million.

6.Boost VC

Boost VC is one of the most active investment company in our list of top venture capital firms investing in the blockchain tech companies. It’s not just limited to investing in blockchain firms; the company also has its presence in Artificial Intelligence and crypto dealing.

7.IDG Capital

Being private equity and venture capital investment company, IDG Capital has scaled the heights of the industry with its investments in automation company, video platform, mobile apps, travel portals, and more. In the blockchain field, IDG Capital has made a total of 8 investments in the blockchain firms, which sums it around $31 million. The companies in which the investment was made included Ripple, Circle, Mars Finance, imToken, and a few more.

8.Draper Associates

Draper Associates is backed by none other than Tim Draper, the legend in the venture investment arena. After making its first investment in Augmate in 2014, Draper Associates made 16 more such investments, which totals to be around $25 million. Apart from blockchain, the company has invested in other fields like technology, manufacturing, and healthcare.

9.Ceyuan Ventures

The Beijing based company primarily focuses on investment in the tech landscape; blockchain being a part of it. Ceyuan Ventures has invested heavily into the blockchain filed in just a few investment rounds. If we consider the number of investments made by the company, which is six till now, the total value of venture investment stood at $36 million, which is way more than many other companies who have made more number of investments.

10.Lightspeed Venture Partners

The CA-based company is more inclined towards investment in the consumer and enterprise sector and blockchain being one part of it. The company’s top blockchain investment firms include Basis, Blockchain Inc., Saga Foundation, and BTCC. Interestingly, Blockchain Inc. is a blockchain app development company and it shows the significance of funding into blockchain application development. With a total of 6 investment rounds, Lightspeed Venture Partners has made an investment of about $24 million till date.