Tips and Tricks While Picking 5 Stunning Vacation Houses For Rent in Charleston, SC

Charleston SC, the oldest and most populated city of the South Carolina coast has always taken a special spot when it comes to travel enthusiasts. Ri

Charleston SC, the oldest and most populated city of the South Carolina coast has always taken a special spot when it comes to travel enthusiasts. Right now, due to the pandemic, it might be a bit difficult to travel – however, you can always take advantage of the best private jet companies. A vacation in the city is all about warmth, comfort and absolute relaxation. Such houses for rent Charleston SC area comes with breath-taking ‘off the window’ visuals, world-class amenities, garden areas, lawns, swimming pools, and all other luxurious you could think off during a vacation. Generally, such houses come with a variety of price range to fit within your budget range. So, this holiday’s when you are looking for a relaxing getaway opt a stay in vacation homes.  

Tips for Choosing Vacation Houses

Vacation houses come with various levels of amenities and the prices for those houses vary accordingly. So, here are a few questions you should start asking yourself to figure out your needs. These will surely help you zero-in on a property: 

  1. What kind of amenities are you looking for this vacation?
  2. Are you planning on lounging around the house or you will keep going in and out?
  3. Are there children in the group? If yes, then what are their ages as depending on their ages you might need more kid-friendly amenities in the house
  4. What are the views you are looking for, from your house?
  5. Do you have pets? If yes then you might need a more pet-friendly property.

Tally Up With Your Timings

As a general rule most of the vacation, houses require advanced bookings. So plan ahead of time.  It’s best to plan a year ahead for such trips. Additionally planning ahead most of the time leads with cash reduction and subsidized rates.

Always Go To Reputable Sites

The only drawbacks to rental properties are the risks of getting conned. And mostly such scams occur with properties listed in free websites. Don’t fall for free listing websites. Always go for reputed property dealers and especially the specialists dealing in such vacation rentals.

Reviews and Testimonials

Don’t trust the flashy catchphrases of rental property websites? How about searching for reviews?  Most of the top vacation rental websites provide areas for guest posts and user reviews. Do make a stringent check.

Don’t Forget the Location and Transportation

Although the ease of location and commutability depends on the kind of rent house you choose yet it’s best to check the ease of transportation beforehand. If you are looking to stay amidst the city and rely on public transport make sure the stops are near. Whereas if a tranquil house amidst woods or serene beaches you are looking for then check the arrangements for transports.

Costs and What Included

Although the price ratings of such properties are fairly simple yet before settling for a particular one it’s important to know what all are included and what all are excluded? Most of such rentals come with cleaning charges which are non-negotiable. Additionally, some have insurance charges, electricity charges, safety deposit fees and likewise. 

Some Stunning Picks

Amidst all enticing properties overwhelming you, here are 5 most stunning picks for Charleston SC. 

  • ESPM Vacation Rentals

If the vacation stays with a pool, waterfall, biking, and all modern luxuries enthral you, then this serene property is the one for you. The luxurious rooms along with the plush décor and enchanting ambience will surely fill your hearts with satisfaction. You can also participate in biking and fishing activities thus enjoying the serene Nature! 

  • Gateway Oaks

If coastal waves calm your nerves then its property is built for you. This master class property with 3 bedrooms accommodating 6 people is just 5 minutes away from the sea and comes with all the luxuries you can ask for. With formidable security and amenities, the pocket pinch is $84 to $428

  • 101 Surf scoter LN

Up for a bit of sport and activities while enjoying the beach baths? Then this estate is for you. This magnanimous 4 bedrooms 11 sleeper property has a picturesque view of a golf course with being just 2 minutes from the beach. With just $125 to $595 rent enjoy luxuries along with golf tournament and other attractions.

  • 101 Silvermoss

If you are looking for a charming country life with friendly neighbours, community pool public interactions then this estate is for you. These 4 bedrooms 9 sleeper rental houses have a community pool located amidst charming chirping neighbourhood. 


To live a much-awaited holiday is a dream conceived by all. And getting luxurious on-the-sea rental properties is one step towards that dream. So choose from the stunning houses, take care of all the tricks and tips and enjoy the serene coasts of Charleston SC.