Upcoming Mobile Phones in 2022 With Expected Date & Price

We have compiled a quick list of the Upcoming Mobile Phones in India 2022 with expected prices, launch date and other details at GetNews360.com

We have compiled a quick list of the Upcoming Mobile Phones in India 2022 with expected prices, launch date and other details at GetNews360.com

Sr NoMobile NamePriceRelease DateBattery
1Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro MaxRs.19,999Jan-225200 mAh
2Google Pixel 6 ProRs.67,490Jan-225003 mAh
3Google Pixel 6Rs.44,990Jan-224614 mAh
4Xiaomi Redmi Note 12Rs.13,990Jan-225100 mAh
5Xiaomi Redmi Note 11SRs.21,990Jan-225000 mAh
6Xiaomi Mi 12 UltraRs.72,999Jan-225300 mAh
7OnePlus 9TRs.44,999Jan-224500 mAh
8Samsung Galaxy A52 5GRs.34,990Jan-224500 mAh
9Samsung Galaxy A03Rs.9,990Jan-225000 mAh
10Realme 8 Pro 5GRs.21,999Jan-224500 mAh
11Xiaomi Redmi K50 Pro 5GRs.44,990Jan-224700 mAh
12Nokia X50Rs.35,990Jan-226000 mAh
13Xiaomi Civi Pro 5GRs.34,990Jan-224500 mAh
14OPPO A11sRs.13,790Jan-225000 mAh
15Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 ProRs.18,790Feb-225160 mAh
16Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5Rs.22,290Feb-224500 mAh
17OPPO Reno7Rs.31,490Feb-224500 mAh
18Moto Edge X30 5GRs.37,990Feb-225000 mAh
19OPPO Reno7 ProRs.43,190Feb-224500 mAh
20OnePlus Nord 3 5GRs.27,999Feb-224299 mAh
21Samsung Galaxy A73 5GRs.29,990Feb-225000 mAh
22Moto Edge S30 5GRs.23,790Feb-225000 mAh
23Samsung Galaxy M33 5GRs.17,999Feb-226000 mAh
24Samsung Galaxy S22 UltraRs.87,999Feb-225000 mAh
25Vivo V23e 5GRs.29,490Feb-224050 mAh
26OnePlus 10Rs.53,499Feb-224500 mAh
27Infinix Hot 12Rs.10,999Feb-225000 mAh
28Samsung Galaxy A53 5GRs.24,990Feb-225000 mAh
29Samsung Galaxy S22Rs.89,999Feb-223700 mAh
30Realme 9 Pro PlusRs.21,999Feb-224500 mAh
31Samsung Galaxy F51Rs.9,999Feb-226000 mAh
32Sony Xperia Pro IRs.156,990Feb-224500 mAh
33Samsung Galaxy A33 5GRs.24,990Feb-225000 mAh
34Infinix Note 11 ProRs.17,990Feb-225000 mAh
35Xiaomi 12X 5GRs.37,590Feb-224500 mAh
36OnePlus Nord N20 5GRs.32,990Feb-224500 mAh
37Vivo T1Rs.23,490Feb-225000 mAh
38Xiaomi Redmi 10ARs.7,499Feb-225100 mAh
39Xiaomi Redmi 10Rs.9,990Feb-225000 mAh
40OPPO K9x 5GRs.16,990Feb-225000 mAh
41Infinix Zero 5GRs.18,999Feb-224500 mAh
42Motorola Edge S ProRs.28,790Feb-224500 mAh
43Samsung Galaxy S22 PlusRs.84,999Feb-224500 mAh
44Apple iPhone 14 Pro MaxRs.140,000Feb-224352 mAh
45Realme Narzo 9iRs.11,999Feb-225000 mAh
46Nokia X100 5GRs.18,490Feb-224470 mAh
47Vivo Y55s 5GRs.20,590Feb-226000 mAh
48Realme X9 ProRs.24,999Feb-224500 mAh
49Samsung Galaxy A13Rs.18,790Feb-225000 mAh
50Xiaomi Redmi K50Rs.27,990Feb-225000 mAh
51Samsung Galaxy M13Rs.12,999Feb-227000 mAh
52Infinix Note 12Rs.11,999Feb-225100 mAh
53Vivo T1xRs.18,790Feb-225000 mAh
54OPPO F22Rs.26,990Feb-225000 mAh
55Nokia G300 5GRs.15,090Feb-224470 mAh
56Realme X9Rs.19,990Feb-224200 mAh
57Samsung Galaxy A62 5GRs. 18,790Feb-224000 mAh
58Vivo Y23Rs. 14,890Feb-225000 mAh
59Vivo Y75 5GRs.15,990Feb-224000 mAh
60OnePlus 10 ProRs.54,590Mar-225000 mAh
61Realme 9 ProRs.19,999Mar-225000 mAh
62Realme 9Rs.16,499Mar-225000 mAh
63Apple iPhone SE 3Rs.45,990Mar-222821 mAh
64Xiaomi Mi 12 ProRs.55,190Mar-224600 mAh
65OPPO Find N 5GRs.91,990Mar-224500 mAh
66Vivo S12 ProRs.40,290Mar-224300 mAh
67Xiaomi Mi 12Rs.43,390Mar-224500 mAh
68OPPO F21 ProRs.25,990Mar-224500 mAh
69Apple iPhone 14Rs.99,990Mar-223815 mAh
70OnePlus Nord 2 CE 5GRs.29,999Mar-224500 mAh
71Vivo S12Rs.33,190Mar-224200 mAh
72Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5GRs.69,390Mar-225000 mAh
73Samsung Galaxy Note 22 UltraRs.41,490Mar-225100 mAh
74Moto G200Rs.37,990Mar-225000 mAh
75Nokia G50 5GRs.19,949Mar-225000 mAh
76Vivo Y32Rs.16,990Mar-225000 mAh
77Apple iPhone SE Plus 5GRs. 49,990Mar-22N/a
78OPPO A76 5GRs.14,490Mar-225000 mAh
79Apple iPhone 14 ProRs.112,990Mar-223945 mAh
80Infinix Note 12 ProRs.14,999Mar-225200 mAh
81Samsung Galaxy F44Rs.11,990Mar-226000 mAh
82Asus ROG Phone 6Rs.59,999Mar-226000 mAh
83Realme GT 2 Pro 5GRs.45,790Apr-225000 mAh
84iQOO 9 Pro 5GRs.58,990Apr-224700 mAh
85Realme GT 2 5GRs.31,590Apr-225000 mAh
86OPPO A96 5GRs.22,990Apr-224500 mAh
87iQOO 9Rs.47,190May-224700 mAh

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