Divided by language, united by Helo

As we live and breathe in the times of online communities, be it chat groups, social media, discussion boards, and whatnot, there are multiple altern

As we live and breathe in the times of online communities, be it chat groups, social media, discussion boards, and whatnot, there are multiple alternatives available in the app stores for users to pick from. This often leads to a number of irrelevant apps occupying our phone and mind space. What we need is a community app with multiple functionalities. A fresh new app that is redefining social media networking is United by Helo, with multiple functionalities. From features enabling users to create fun content to Chat, from Live cricket updates to nearby events, United by Helo has everything covered.

Social media penetration in India today stands at approx. 351 million out of a population of 1.37 billion. Apart from factors like device penetration, Internet reach etc., one of the major reasons the tier 2 and tier 3 cities were being left behind in the social media game is the language barrier. While most social apps have English as a primary language, Helo India is a fresh new ray of hope where the Helo language options present to you 14 vernacular languages instead of English. With that being said, the user experience of the Helo social app is seamless. Not only is the Helo India app breaking barriers with its vast language options, but it also offers a great many ways to connect with our friends. Now you don’t need a separate app for chatting or an instant image and video feed app, a separate chat messenger or more such tedious individual apps. Now that a few generations are familiar with online communities, online friends, users have been observed to interact with only a few of their own. Now talk on Helo seamlessly in any of the 14 regional languages Helo offers.

So, how to use this new social media app Helo? Simply visit the app store and download it. Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities have been catching up faster, given the ease of language, viral video download, chat, content creation and so much more. Activities that, so far, semi-urban Indians were prevented from participating in because of the language barrier. Content created by Helo partners is yet another attraction that helps users engage with fun video content that ranges from viral videos to comical social antics.

Socially aware and curated content that does not harm sentiments is one of the priorities of the Helo India team. And this makes it a one of a kind, evolved social media app for new India and its youth. Although English as a language is held in high regard and often treated as a default, social contact and engagement are now reaching masses who are not comfortable with English. Thanks to Helo India, a new social media generation emerges empowered.

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