Understanding Mobile Insurance and Its Coverage Terms

If a mobile phone is lost or stolen or damaged then the owner has a lot of burden with the cost of repairing or replacement. But now you can buy an insurance policy for your phone and claim the cost of repair and replacement in case of damage or theft.

How a mobile insurance works:

 A mobile insurance works same as other insurances. The owner can claim the cost of repair and replacement in case of any accidental damage or theft of mobile phone just like the claim in case of any insurance of person, vehicle, house etc. There are certain terms and conditions put forth by the insurance company on the policy which define whether the claim is legit or not. If the company finds the claim to be legit then the process of payment starts.

 You can hire an insurance company for security of your mobile phone by searching online or from the retailer from where you buy the phone. After looking at following points you would be able to figure out much easily whether which insurance is better for you.

Here are some of the points that can help you understand general terms and condition of the mobile insurance policy by the company:

  • Insurance company provides coverage in case of accidental damage to the mobile phone like breaking or cracking of the screen. In some cases even the accessories are covered under the insurance according to the plan you choose for yourself. The cost of screen is very much if it is repaired when not under the insurance so it is good to have an insurance of the mobile phone in case of any requirement of repair when there is damage. The difference in cost of repair of a mobile screen can be understood with the example of a cracked screen replacement for Huawei P20 PRO which costs as much as £155-235 without the insurance which is almost like half the total price of a brand new phone. It would have been under £40-55 under the insurance to repair the damaged screen of above said mobile phone.
  • A mobile insurance cover protects the insured against many risks like theft, riot, strikes and other criminal activity. Though there are many terms under which the accidental damage, malicious damage etc. are put forth.
  • If a person’s mobile phone is snatched by force then the insured is sure to get coverage under the insurance policy but if the mobile phone is stolen from a place where the phone was left unattended then the insurance company is not liable to pay the cost of mobile phone to the insured.
  • In case of mobile insurance it is to be noted that the theft by carelessness of owner and snatching by the force or stolen from a safe locked place are two different things. The insured gets no claim if the phone was left intentionally in open space and then being stolen, one gets the claim if the insured put the phone in a locked car and then it was stolen by breaking a window or lock of the car.
  • It is very necessary that you visit the police station as soon as your phone is snatched or stolen from a safe place or forcefully taken from your hand. The insured needs to provide the proof of stolen phone to the insurance company when applying for claim.
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 There are many cases where the phone was stolen because of carelessness of the owner so it would not be wrong to say that keep your mobile phone attached to a string around your neck because you definitely cannot mishandle it if use this technique.

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