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Types Of Tables That Have Tempered Glass Table Tops

Glass table tops are a popular trend in contemporary society. Most homeowners of modern houses prefer having tables with glass tops as compared to the

Glass table tops are a popular trend in contemporary society. Most homeowners of modern houses prefer having tables with glass tops as compared to the traditional wooden tables. Mostly, glass table tops are made from the standard glass which is too fragile and is easily damaged. They are used to make glass tops or different types of tables that are used in indoor settings. Homeowners are required to select the most appropriate glass material to be sued in the construction of their glass top tables.  However, tempered glass is most preferred today due to its unique characteristics which include hardness and resistance to wear and tear. Other factors such as strong external forces which affect the durability of the glass used in the construction of glass table tops do not affect tempered glass. Tempered glass has become the most popular material by many property owners in the 21st century in the creation of table tops either large or small sized.

Kitchen table tops

Kitchen today are installed with glass table tops to enhance their look and make them more contemporary. Traditionally, the kitchen space would be fitted with tiles and glass would be included in the space. However, with the advent of technology and creativity of the interior designer, it is now possible to use tempered glass material in the kitchen table tops. The unique characteristic of the tempered glass is hardness and also being resistant to wear and tear makes it suitable for use in the kitchen. Mostly, most dining tables in an open kitchen are installed within the kitchen space. The use of tempered glass from the construction of such table tops would be appropriate.

Patio tables

Patios are set in spaces outside the house. They are used for the purpose of providing space for individuals to conduct their activities comfortably in open space. Due to the modern design of construction, most homeowners prefer using patio spaces for doing activities in the evening or the night. Additionally, the patio space may be used for outdoor activities by the homeowner and other parties who are within the house. If a glass top tables are to be set in the patio space, it is advisable to place on that has a tempered glass top. The glass top is strong enough to withstand any external forces that may hit it in case of accidents.

Conference tables

Conference tables are used by many people who place many heavy things on the surface. Standard lass may not be hard enough to withstand the pressure that is put on the glass on conference tables. Therefore, tempered glass tops would be the most appropriate to be used for conference glass tables that are available in modern offices. However, a thicker size of the glass should be used to ensure that it is safer to be used by many people.

Special features of tempered glass

Tempered glass is a unique type that is popular for its unique characteristics. The following are the primary characteristic of the tempered glass that makes it common to be used in the construction of glass table tops.

They are safe when they shatter

When normal glass shatters, it leaves sharp pieces that may be injurious to people around. Sharp pieces of broken glass can result in deep cuts and loss of blood if the injured person is not attended to immediately. Tempered glass has unique characteristics that allow it to shatter to pebble-like pieces. The pieces can be collected without causing any form of injury to the handlers. This is a reason why homeowners prefer the material being used for the table tops. They are safe even when accidentally shattered within the house. They can be easily swept from the ground without the cleaner risking deep cuts in the long run

They are resistant to wear and tear. The wear and tear of glass is what makes many homeowners afraid to have glass top tables within their homes. Scratching the tables made from standard glass may cause be serious damage in the long run. However, with temped glass, it is resistance to wear and tear. This means that it cannot be damaged by scratching. Scratches are no easily visible on the glass which is an indication that it is resistant. It can thus be used for outdoor activities without fear of it being damaged.

It is resistant to extreme heat

During the creation of tempered glass, it is subjected to high pressure and temperature. It is, therefore, a suitable material to create glass top tables that are to be used outdoors. When tables made from tempered glass are placed outside, they cannot crack due to the high temperatures outside. This mostly occurs during summer seasons when eh temperatures outside the house are extremely high. Staying outside comfortably with tempered glass tables tops is safer than with those with the standard glass. It is essential for homeowners and designers to identify the most appropriate tempered glass to be sued for eh construction of either interior or exterior glass top tables.

Factors to consider when buying tempered glass table tops

Bung tempered glass table tops may require an in-depth knowledge of various kinds of information from the suppliers or interior design experts. It is important for the interior designer and the homeowner to identify the following features of the table glass tops before purchasing and putting them in the house. They may be useful in the process of decision making.

The thickness of the tempered glass

Custom tempered glass may be availed to homeowners at different thicknesses. This is dependent on the purpose of the glass table. When being used inside the house for light activities such as the dining table, the thinner glass may be used. However, the glass should be hard enough to support weight up to a certain amount. The thinness does not mean that the glass is weak.

The shape of the glass table

Glass top tables may be designed in different shapes according to the needs of the homeowners. Before deciding on purchasing glass top tables that have tempered glass, it is crucial to understand the shape that one requires. The shape can be custom or readymade. When custom-made, it may result in a rise in the cost of the glass in the long run. Therefore, it is useful always to have sufficient knowledge about the shape that is most suitable to be accommodated within a house so that mishaps do not happen. Ideally, the homeowner may research on the trendiest glass top table designs that they may put in their houses to complement the décor.

The type of glass to be used

The tempered glass may be clear, obscured or colored. The decision by the homeowner on the type to be used may depend on the theme used in the interior décor of a house. It is important to ensure that there is a high level of precision when deciding the type of glass to be used in constructing the glass. The color should match the theme of the house and not conflict. Being in conflict clashes with the need to maintain an elegant and beautiful environment.

The cost of the tempered glass

The cost is the most important factor that is determined by the shape, size, and shape of the tempered glass table tops. When there is a tight budget, it is essential to be concerned about the prevailing costs. They help the homeowners in planning and having avoiding impulsive bung. They are also able to plan and restrict themselves to certain features of the glass top tables that do not leave them in debt.

The quality of tempered glass

Tempered glass that is used in the construction of glass top tables should be in mint condition. It should be of the highest quality despite the costs being higher; they are worth every coin. There should be no cracks on the surface of the tempered glass during the installation. This would mean that the homeowner should know to check the quality of tempered glass to determine whether it’s safe or quality enough to be used in the construction of glass top tables.

How to maintain tempered glass top tables

Keeping tempered glass table tops is just like any other type of glass. There are common mistakes that should not be done when cleaning the tempered glass table tops. The following are some of the primary things that should not be done on tempered glass table tops.

The cleaning should not be done using a wire brush as has been common among many homeowners. Wire brush destroys the surface of the tempered glass even though it is resistance to wear and tear. To ensure it is more durable, it is essential for the leaners to utilize soft cloths and detergents.

Also, it is fundamental to ensure that hot materials are not repeatedly placed on the glass especially if it is not thick enough. It may result in cracking or shattering.