Types of Designer Rakhi Apt for Older Brothers

Raksha Bandhan is one of those festivals where you celebrate the bond of siblinghood with great enthusiasm. On this day, a sister performs rituals to

Raksha Bandhan is one of those festivals where you celebrate the bond of siblinghood with great enthusiasm. On this day, a sister performs rituals to ward off any kind of evil from their brother’s life and pray for their success and health. The word Raksha actually stands for ‘protection’ and Bandhan stands for ‘thread’. Thus, this day is celebrated between siblings with lots of gifts, sweets, and happy smiles all around.

There are a lot of Rakhi designs that you would find in the market. But sometimes due to work or busy schedule you do not get the time to buy anything physically. Send Rakhi for brother with the help of the various online portals that are there. Buy unique gifts for your brother and see the smile that he gives you upon receiving your gift. If you are having problems in selecting what kind of designer Rakhi to choose for your brother, then here is a list that would definitely come handy for you.

Kundan Rakhi: Kundan jewellery is itself a design which is very intricate and people who love traditional love it. Kundan Rakhis are available in various online websites in so many options and varieties that you would be left mesmerised. If you want to buy some traditional designer Rakhi for your brother, this designer Rakhi is a great option. It is a standout among various other gemstones and is considered to be divine and has been a part of the Indian culture for thousands of years now.

Kundan Rakhi is known to hold spiritual, religious and valuable significance. Thus visit the various online portals that are there and buy the best alluring Kundan Rakhi that you think would go with your brother’s taste.

Personalised Rakhi: These designer Rakhis come in personalised ways and you could decorate them or custom order them according to your requirements. These Rakhis depict a deeper sense of belonging and love that you have for your brother. If you have a brother who lives abroad send Rakhi for brother with personalised Rakhi and Rakhi gifts. You could imprint the Rakhi with a photo of your brother or a sibling photo of both of you together.

Nowadays personalised gifts are very much in trend with personalised mugs, photo frames, etc. Surprise your brother with gorgeous gifts that would be hard for you to find in the local markets. Send silver Rakhi as you could personalise them too.

Pearl Rakhi: Pearl Rakhis are immensely bought on the day of Raksha Bandhan. If your brother loves simple yet elegant designer Rakhi, then you could easily gift him pearl Rakhi which shines and this way you would be able to tell your brother how valuable he is to you. The celebration becomes a joyous one when you see the big smile on his face at the end of the day. Send silver Rakhi with pearls and let your brother know that you love him.

Send Rakhi provides you with the best Rakhis that are there. From unique Rakhis to designer ones, they have everything. With easy shopping and delivery options do not let distance come in between celebrating Raksha Bandhan.