10 Ways to Track Android Cell Phone without Being Detected

Every cell phone owner wants to keep track of their phones, although it’s not an easy task. Everyone wants to trace their lost phones to get them back

Every cell phone owner wants to keep track of their phones, although it’s not an easy task. Everyone wants to trace their lost phones to get them back, but they don’t know how to do it. It is understood that it hurts you when your phone is lost or stolen because nowadays cell phone means many to a person, more than any other gadget invented up till now because your phone carries your personal data, memories, contacts and many more precious things. So, for such users, we’ve created this guide. we tend to try and keep the guide easy and not-so-technical so even the less tech-savvy users will comprehend it.

What is cell phone tracking?

Cell phone tracking is the process of identifying the location of a cell phone, whether it is stationary or moving. Localization can be influenced by a number of technologies, such as using multiliterate of radio signals between (a few) network cell towers and telephones or using only GPS. To find a cellphone using multi-radio signals, it must emit at least a roaming signal to contact the next closest antenna tower, but the process does not require active calls. The Global System for Cellular Communication (GSM) is based on cellphone signal strength to the nearest antenna pole.

Location History

Using this technique is basically simple for anyone. however, there are some needs that you just ought to follow so as to trace any phone with this technique. The phone you wish to trace ought to be connected to the web, the Gmail account ought to be in your access and site should be turned on.

That means you recognize this stuff only the phone belongs to you. A no different person can have any plan concerning these details. once the placement is turned on, you can modify the history of your device in Google Location and it’ll offer you an idea about wherever the phone is.

Google Photos

This technique is additionally very effective and helpful. you’ll be able to notice any stolen or lost phone with this technique. however, the condition is that your Google account ought to be logged in on the device. Even a stealer, a couple of months earlier was caught with this technique. The thief snatched the phone and continuing to use it. The photos were uploaded to the owner Gmail account and therefore the police caught him red-handed.

Prey Software

The next technique to trace a cell phone is to use the prey software. The choice is valid and sensible. however, there’s a problem with this. so as to trace a cell phone, this app ought to be put in on the device. After that, you may be able to track the device despite wherever it is. Even the app shows a history of locations and all the places the phone has been to. it’ll be simple for the users to trace the phone and notice the precise location. Some famous prey software is Cerberus, Prey Anti-theft, Carrier phone finder and family locator by life 360.

Phone Finder

Nowadays, several phones are coming back with a default feature of tracing devices and phones. Most of the new smartphones and tablets are coming with this feature. Vendors have accomplished the importance of tracing a phone that’s why they are providing this feature to their users. However, one factor is vital. The feature ought to be turned.

Turning on and activating this feature is simple. You will find this feature in settings, flip it on and permit the phone to access your location. After that, you’ll be ready to track your phone live, just in case it’s lost or stolen. you’ll not be disquieted concerning your phone any longer with this feature.

IMEI Number

Here comes in a different way to trace a smartphone. This technique is simply helpful if you have lost the phone or it was stolen. The users can’t track a phone with IMEI on their own. IMEI is the identity of each phone that’s totally different from the other device. In different words, each phone has a totally different IMEI. The manufacturer will facilitate the actual phone owner to trace their phones after obtaining details and necessary data.


This is something new and numerous individuals don’t think about it. Numerous devices nowadays have this feature. The thought is that the fingerprints of the cell phone proprietor are utilized to follow an android phone. When you enter your fingerprint, it is put away and can be utilized whenever to distinguish and discover the cell phone area. Be that as it may, the individual who has unique fingerprints enlisted in the device will almost certainly able to track it.

Android monitoring software

Finally, this is one of the best and easiest options. You must install the Android monitoring software on the phone, and then you will be able to track it anytime when lost. This application will help you track your location directly with the GPS location tracking feature.

Apart from this, spy applications can be used for other purposes. You will have the power to track cell phones, spy on messages, get access to phones, track locations instantly, check photos and multimedia files. This kind of application is widely used and is considered the best choice for tracking a phone.

Family Sharing

 If you have set up the family sharing, use it to track your iPhone. Family Sharing helps members know where each device is. Ask another member of the family sharing group to follow your iPhone through the Find My iPhone app. The member can also connect to iCloud.com to locate the missing iPhone.

Location Tracking Apps

If you have installed a location tracking application such as GPS Location Tracker, Coco Spy Cell Phone Tracker or I Track on your lost device, use it to track the lost or stolen iPhone. These applications share the real-time location of your device on your computer or other connected devices.

Google Timeline

If you have enabled Location Services and Location History on your iPhone, Google Timeline will record all of your device’s locations. When iPhone is lost, access location information on the map and find the latest location. Remember, Google Timeline records location only when the iPhone is turned on with an internet connection.