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Top 7 Books Every Real Estate Agent Should Read

If you are a real estate agent looking to get further insight into the profession and how you can think to drive towards your goals and possibly becom

If you are a real estate agent looking to get further insight into the profession and how you can think to drive towards your goals and possibly become a millionaire real estate agent, then reading is the way to go. 

The following list of books gives insight from the point of view of the respective authors, who are now top earners in the real estate industry.

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent

It is a highly successful book by Gary Keller. This book offers a comprehensive guide to achieving real estate success. The book will give you tried and tested tips to help you start and develop a profitable real estate business from scratch. 

The book’s author, Gary Keller, is an industry leader responsible for founding the largest real estate franchise in the northern part of America. He is also an author and public speaker. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent is a book that caters to the needs of a particular set of people. 

If you are a real estate agent who wants to improve your skills, a buyer or seller in real estate, or a salesperson in any industry, this book is for you. The book offers some critical points guaranteed to improve your outlook and become more successful in the industry.

  • Point 1: To become a better real estate agent, you have to understand the ins and outs of motivation. Many real estate agents become overly engrossed, particularly in significant real estate projects, and they overlook the importance of planning. 

Planning is essential if you want to achieve the goals of a project; therefore, the agent should understand the reason for his actions and set significant goals right away instead of focusing on building up from smaller plans.

  • Point 2: The best real estate strategies are built on listings, leads, and leverage. Keller points out that generating more information is the first step to increasing sales in real estate. A massive influx of leads will allow you to pick the best ones and transform them into listings.

Gary Keller offers more lessons and insights in the book, making it a must-read if you look to improve your skills and develop a winning mindset.

The High-performing Real Estate Team

In this book, real estate coach Brian Icenhower shares the secret to success applied by top real estate agents and brokerages. The book gives practical systems that you can act on immediately to take you and your team to the next level of success in the industry. 

This book focuses on the 20% of activities that promote expansion and teaches you how to improve your real estate team’s productivity, engagement, and enthusiasm. Using this book as a guide, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to create a viral goal that drives change within your team and motivates them
  • Improve your growth and productivity by focusing on core activities that fuel this growth.
  • Foster personal responsibility and accountability within your team to accelerate your growth.

It is an invaluable resource written by teams, brokerages, and real estate agents and will guide you towards achieving your goals.


The Conversion Code

The Conversion Code by Chris Smith is a modern-day marketer’s handbook that covers a variety of digital marketing practices that increase sales across all industries. 

Chris Smith is an author and the co-founder of Curaytor, a digital marketing firm recently named one of Inc. 5000s fastest-growing companies in America. Chris Smith shares light on modern-day effective sales campaigns and online marketing strategies. 

Chris developed what he coined the ‘conversion code’ through years of experience working at Inman News, Quicken Loans, and DotLoop. The conversion code effectively delivers the sales funnel through tactical and purpose-based digital marketing. 

In the book, Chris gives specific tactics that can be used to increase revenue, produce quality leads and get quantifiable results through a proper sales funnel. The book covers;

  • How to properly use pop-ups, buttons, and headlines to improve your website.
  • How to build a well-thought-out landing page by watching the word count, considering page length, and offering powerful lead magnets. 
  • How to be more efficient in blogging by using social-friendly copy, search engine optimization, and content focused on sales.
  • How to effectively market on Facebook by utilizing engagement strategies, crafting ideal posts, and emphasizing custom audiences.
  • How to use follow-up email templates, talking points, and closing maneuvers to create a robust sales strategy.

All the above elements are well explained in the book by Chris Smith, and he guarantees that proper implementation will lead to results that are worth the time invested. 

The book also has action items and shares practical online applications and programs that work alongside your current strategy. Think of the Conversion Code as a roadmap to guide you to achieve an optimized digital marketing strategy to get you quality leads from online platforms. 

The 7 Levels of Communication

The Seven Levels of Communication by Michael J. Maher is a book that is committed to helping salespeople all over the world to earn a better living. Michael Maher is one of the speakers in high demand due to his prowess in marketing, generosity, and relationship building. 

He is the founder of Generosity Generation, a top real estate company in Kansas. The Seven Levels of Communication tells the educational story of Rick Masters. 

Rick is going through a down economy when he gets lucky and meets a mortgage professional who has managed to bring up a successful company without her promotion or advertising. 

Rick is skeptical, but he follows her to a conference to learn her skills. He is surprised when he realizes that her strategies offer greater rewards when implemented than he initially thought. He finds the importance of his work as he struggles in seeking success. 

The tale of the struggles he went through and his triumphs depicts the strategies that he used in his evolution. The book will teach you how to build a business that meets your physical and spiritual needs.

Secrets of Closing the Sale

The Secret of Closing the Sale is a book by Zig Ziglar which teaches readers the most effective ways of persuading anybody. 

The book gives relatable anecdotes and practical applications that you can learn from and recommends closing techniques invaluable to salespeople and help them successfully close more sales. We will go over the book’s main principles to show you why it is a must-read.

  • The Psychology of Closing. The book teaches you to gather as much information as you can and then use this information for your gain. The questions that you ask should identify the problem and then act as a guide to make the prospect arrive at a decision. 

It would help if you found out what problem the prospect is seeking a solution to and then demonstrated how your product can solve it. The book urges you to remember that most people do not know precisely what they want since they are unaware of what is available.

Even if you think your product does not match their needs, do not assume that they are not willing to settle for something else. The book also gives your insight into why people will not be ready to buy from you and offers possible solutions.

  • The center of your sales career. According to Zig, to be a great salesman, you need to have a good attitude. Your attitude about yourself should always be positive since no one else has the power to make you feel inferior unless you permit them. 

Your attitude towards other people should always have the goal of you and them building good rapport. It would help if you always were polite and considerate of other people towards your customers and colleagues.

The book reiterates that the attitude towards your sales profession will motivate you to better yourself and your career.

  • The makings of a good salesperson. The book delves into some of the characteristics that good salespeople embody. The main is that they use their genuine emotions and logic in their presentation to improve their chances of making a sale. 

A good salesperson is also ambitious and open to development.

  • How to handle different types of prospects. This book will equip you with the skills and necessary mindset to help you in your sales career. The book teaches that all prospects want to be right in their assessment, and they are also concerned about whether they are making the right choice. 

The book points out that objectors usually thrive when you oppose their view but become more agreeable. Some are caught off-guard when you agree with them; therefore, you should involve the prospect as you guide them to a solution that will benefit you.

Never Split the Difference

Chris Voss authors this fantastic read. This great read teaches you how to negotiate as if everything depends on it. This book reveals that negotiations can involve feelings of understanding, empathy, and even joy. The book focuses on developing emotional intelligence and utilizing effective listening. 

Chris Voss shares his experience as a lead hostage negotiator for the FBI. In the book, he brilliantly narrates how to use everything he learned on the job during high-stake situations such as bank heists and kidnappings. 

As you read this book, you will realize that you negotiate daily with the people we love, colleagues at work, clients, and many more. Chris also uses the book as a platform to teach you how to listen effectively and with more empathy, as this will help you have better relations with people and help meet your goals. 

Chris argues that in a negotiation, the person who listens the most attentively holds the power of the entire process since the listener is getting more information that they can then act on to their advantage. 

It also educates on how mirroring is a way that makes people relax and feel more comfortable in situations. He states that it would help if you match the speed and pitch of your voice to resemble that of the person you ate negotiating with and even mimic their physical expressions. 

In the sixth chapter of the book, Chris shares some tips on strategies that can influence someone to change their outlook on what they consider fair, and this can be achieved when you appeal to their cognitive biases. 

An example of tapping into their biases would be gently nudging them to remember what they stand to lose; since they tend to have a greater fear of loss than perceived gain, they are more likely to lean towards your ideas.

Atomic Habits

This book is authored by James Clear and aims to teach you to develop a more positive routine that is easy to follow and helps you achieve your desired results. 

James Clear points to the fact that bad habits have a way of repeating themselves not because you do not want to change but because your system for change is flawed. 

Changes that feel small and inconsequential have a compound effect in the long term and translate to remarkable results if you are willing to stick to them. The book delves into five basic ideas;

  • Your habits are a compound interest of your self-improvement.
  • If you want to achieve better results, you should be willing to stop setting goals for yourself and focus instead on the system you want to implement.
  • The most effective way of changing your habits is to focus on who you want to be at the end of the day instead of focusing on what you want to achieve.

This book can help salespeople such as real estate agents to develop habits that improve their skills and enable them to close more deals since they have been embodying good habits that will allow them to do so.


In conclusion, the books highlighted above may be a drop in the ocean among the endless options of self-help books. Still, the experience and wisdom shared by the authors will equip you with enough knowledge to become a multi-millionaire real estate agent if implemented correctly.