Top 5 Travel Tips to Visit Jaipur in India

Jaipur is named after the king Sawai Jai Singh II and is well known as the pink city. It offers a surprising amount of attractions. Jaipur is the par

Jaipur is named after the king Sawai Jai Singh II and is well known as the pink city. It offers a surprising amount of attractions. Jaipur is the part of Golden Triangle destinations in India. This is also known as iconic and the busiest city. It had a population of about 3 million. The annual Literature festival will be conducted on every January in Jaipur

Here are a few of the travelling tips to visit Jaipur: 

1. Climatic Conditions: 

The climatic conditions may vary according to the season. Jaipur is a desert city, which is more like a city located in the middle of the desert. There are 3 types of seasons here, summer, and winter and monsoon season. The summers will be extremely hot and dry with an average temperature of around 45 degrees Celsius which runs from March to June. 

The winter temperatures will be around -5 degrees Celsius during the night time and most of the day will be sunny and pleasant, it is welcomed in November. Monsoons will stay until September; it will bring the storms and dust. December to February is the best time to visit Jaipur, as the climate will be cool and pleasant at this time. 

2. Transportation facilities: 

The best of transport here is the local taxi and rickshaw, but prices should be checked before getting into them. You can also hire this public transportation per day, but the rates will be doubled up. The city’s busy air hub is located in the heart of the city at a distance of 13kms, it is granted international status in the year 2005. 

It can be able to accommodate up to 500 passengers per hour from different cities like Singapore, Bangkok and London. The railway is the popular service which runs between Jaipur and Delhi which is more comfortable and cheaper than buses and the journey will be 5 hours. 

3. Safety Tips: 

Safety is the first and foremost thing when we visit a new place. There will be various scams here and gem scam is the most prominent one. You should never go for the purchase of gemstone under any circumstances. You should not enter into any business deal, no matter how much tempted you to feel. 

The scam may also involve the auto rickshaw drivers. As soon as you reach the railway station, you will be surrounded by this rickshaw driver for dropping you at the hotel for which they will get a commission. You can avoid this by going to the prepaid auto rickshaw counter. 

4. Health tips: 

The summer heat will drain your body. You must keep yourself hydrated always. If you are visiting this place during the summer months, you must follow certain measures to avoid dehydration. The summer months are quite hot here. You must avoid staying too long in the sun and make sure to drink plenty of water. 

It is important to know that you should not drink water in Jaipur; it is advised to buy the bottles which are readily available in the market for drinking. It is a great idea to visit the clinic and to keep all the immunizations and medications before. 

5. Early ticket booking: 

It is advised to book the tickets early for the cheap flights. The earlier you book the ticket, the lesser the price will be. Some people may even book the ticket 1 year earlier and there will be a lot of difference in the prices. The last-minute rush will make the tickets costly and the chances of confirming tickets will also be less.