Top 5 Places Must to Visit in Uttarakhand

In the region of Uttrakhand (land of God, Dev Bhumi) there are many major attractions to visit. Spiritual destinations, historical places, hill statio

In the region of Uttrakhand (land of God, Dev Bhumi) there are many major attractions to visit. Spiritual destinations, historical places, hill stations, gardens etc. and the most famed two words for human lives’ spirituality (in Hindu Dharma) are “Char Dham”. It is the name of four pilgrimage places (Badrinath, Dwarka, Puri, and Rameswaram) of India and one of them named “Badrinath is in DevBhumi of India (Uttrakhand).

So this Dev bhumi is totally covered with spirituality that is good guide to one’s life. There are 13 districts in Uttrakhand (devbhumi) but not even a single district is deprived with the spiritual destinations. And if someone believes in spirituality and want to see the nature beauty so this article will help you out to find many things in one place.

Best Places to visit in uttarakhand

  • Almora
  • Haridwar
  • Dehradun
  • Rudraprayag
  • Nainital

1. Almora

Almora with the population of 621,972 and 3,083 (km) 2, this district is filled with many visiting places mainly temples dedicated to many god & goddess. Some major attractions are:

Temples: Jageshwar Temple (Pilgrimage), Gananath Temple, Chaiti Temple, Katarmal Temple (Heritage), Banridevi temple.

Historical places: Jageshwar Temple (Pilgrimage), Katarmal Temple (Heritage), Dunagiri Temple, Near Ranikhet (Pilgrimage), Govind Vallabh pant public museum.

Hill stations & Gardens: Deer Park, Martola

2. Haridwar

Haridwar has the highest numbers in every fields whether it is population (1,927,029) , area(2,360 km2), temples, and visitors. Temples are wide spread in Haridwar district.

Temples: Mansa Devi Temple, Pawan Dham Temple, Parmeshwar Mahadev Temple, Chanda Devi and lalmata temple, Jain Temple

Historical places: Harkipauri (was built by Vikramaditya and famous for Ganga Aarti); Shanti kunjgayatripariwar (was built by panditshree ram sharmaacharyaji in 1971 with the initiative of Akhand Bharat)

Hill Stations & Gardens: Nearer hill stations are Dehradun, Mussoorie, Kanatal, and Nainital.

3. Dehradun

Dehradun, this is the hill town is in Uttrakhand is popular for his historic temples & civilizations that offers very natural beauty to visitors.

Temples: Tapovan, ShaniDham, SaiDarbarTemple, TapkeshwarTemple, Laxmansiddh

Historical places: Kalinga war memorial (established by British), Dehradun clock Tower (the largest six faced clock), Mind rolling Monastery (The largest Buddhist learning center of India)

Hill stations & gardens: DoonValley (most preferred valley or hill station of Dehradun),

4. Rudraprayag

Rudraprayag is one of the panchprayag (five confluences) of Alaknanda River; a holy place Kedarnath is about 86 km away from Rudraprayag. And this district occupies an area of 2439 km2 and bounded with Uttarkashi in north India.

Temples: Koteshwartemple (one of the famous cave temple in rudraprayag), Augustmuni (around 19 to 20 km away from Rudraprayag and named on saint augustmuni), Kedarnath (one of the holiest place in Himalaya)

Historical places: Gaurikund (a place where matagauri meditated to lord Shiva back), kalimath (famous temple dedicated to goddess kali, most visitors comes during navratri)
Rivers: DeoriaTaal, Mandikin River etc.

5. Nainital

Nainital, this name doesn’t need any definition because it is already a famous hill station in Kumaon region (Uttrakhand) located at a height of 1938 meters in the central Himalayans with the population of 955,128. It got its name from Naini Lake. It is popularly known as “Lake Paradise”

Temples: Hanuman Garhi (situated at tallital around 3.5 km from Nainital), Naina Devi temple (ayarpatta, Nearnaini Lake), Seetabani temple

Historical places: Corbett Museum (The former house of legendary hunter and tracker-turned –conservationist Jim Corbett now known as Jim Corbett national park), Snow view point, Naini lake.