Top 4 Safety Laser Scanner

Safety Laser Scanner is the latest technology in the field of industrial automation. This device radiates the laser pulses to scan its surrounding are

Safety Laser Scanner is the latest technology in the field of industrial automation. This device radiates the laser pulses to scan its surrounding area. The laser is radiated by small optical sensors. The safety laser scanner compares the diffused reflection of the laser with the programmed information and unearths the intrusion of an object or a person in a specified zone. It ensures the safety of the machine as well as the person in the hazardous area.  

The safety laser scanners become more effective with the advancement in technology. Its size has reduced over time and it can solely perform the whole operation. It can be mounted on the automated vehicle or in sensitive locations in the manufacturing units or the warehouse. It is widely used for both indoor and outdoor applications in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, health care industry, food and beverage, and consumer goods industry. These devices guide the automated vehicle and prevent big accidents on the industry premises. 

Safety laser scanners come in various shapes and sizes. Some of its popular types are live window scanners, area scanner, and mounted laser safety scanner. In this article, we will put light on the best and reliable safety laser scanners.

  • Nona Scan-3 Safety Laser Scanner From SICK

The Nano Scan-3 is an ultra-compact safety laser scanner. This mini laser scanner is dust and dirt-proof and is best for the protection of mobile areas. The nano scan-3 safety laser scanner integrates the smart safety features with measured data to give accurate results. Its height is 3mm and it works on a 275° scanning angle. It helps in increasing productivity in the workplace and is used in such applications where high-level performance is required but mounting space is quite low. 

  • Keyence SZ Series Safety Laser Scanner

Keyence SZ Series safety laser scanner is another popular choice of buyers. This scanner can be mounted in extremely complex and minacious zones. This lightweight and compact scanner offers a protection zone of up to 4.2 meters and a warning zone up to 10 meters. The installation of the keyence SZ series scanner is very easy and does not require safety mats. It can be mounted vehicles and comes with three options: slow area, stop area, and emergency stop area. It safeguards the vehicle from colliding. This single scanner is capable of covering 48 zones.

  • Leuze RSL 400 Safety Laser Scanner

The Leuze RSL 400 series safety laser scanner family consists of 16 different devices, which are divided into 4 ranges. All RSL series Leuze safety scanners work at a 70-degree scanning angle. Their operating range is 6.25 meters and the scanning range is 8.35 meters. These laser scanners are used in mobile as well as stagnant applications. The RSL 430 is composed of 2 protective functions & OSSD pairs, and this makes it suitable for many security applications. 

  • Banner Engineering SX5 Series Safety Laser Scanner

This safety laser scanner is versatile and can be configured in very little time. It protects the mobile vehicle and stationary objects from accidents and collisions. Banner Engineering SX5 Series Safety Laser Scanner also scans at 270 degrees and constructs a 2D safety zone. It can be installed vertically or horizontally as per the requirement. It can cover 6 different zones at a time. The SX5 series Safety Laser consists of 2 OSSD and its maximum protective field range is 5.5 meters and the maximum warning field range is 40 meters. You will also get dynamic muting features and 5 LED indicators in this scanner.

Wrapping Up -:

The safety laser scanner is the essential industrial safety component. In addition to time and money, it prevents many accidents from happening. If you are dealing in logistics, pharmaceuticals, food, or any other industry, you must consider this scanner for the safety of your machines and employees.


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