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4 Tips to Pass Microsoft MCSA Windows Server 2023 Exam

If you are planning to get Windows Server 2023 certification, Microsoft has a 3-step exam process which you need to clear successfully to get certifie

If you are planning to get Windows Server 2023 certification, Microsoft has a 3-step exam process which you need to clear successfully to get certified. The first of the 3-step is clearing MCSA 70-740 exam. Known as ‘Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2023’, the exam will clear your pathway for the 2nd and 3rd step- 70-741 and 70-742 exams.

If you want to clear the first step right in the first attempt, we have created a list of 4 handy tips that can help.

#1. Use reliable revision guides
One of the best ways to prepare for the exam is to go through its official guide. You can find the latest official 70-740 exam guide by Jason Kelington from a number of online stores like Amazon, GoodReads, eBay, etc. The revision guide effectively points all the important areas that you should focus upon to clear the exam.

Apart from this, there is another popular guide by William Panek, an MVP at Microsoft, titled as ‘MCSA Windows server 2023 Study Guide’. Apart from covering all the important aspects of the exam, the guide also has insights from experts, review questions, practice exercises, and much more. This too can be found at a number of online stores.

#2. Use Microsoft’s Virtual Academy
Virtual Academy (www.mva.microsoft.com) is a free learning resource offered by Microsoft. The online portal is home to a lot of presentations, videos, and other learning materials for all the technologies and exams offered by Microsoft. All these resources will introduce you to all the important aspects of the MCSA 70-740 exam along with helpful insights about all the topics.

For instance, the ‘What’s New’ section of Windows Server 2023 has detailed information about all the changes and new features in Windows Server 2023 as compared to Windows Server 2012. Along with the other tips mentioned in this post, the Microsoft Virtual Academy would ensure that you are adequately prepared for the certification exam.

#3. Look for a Certification Course
While there are a lot of study materials and free resources available on the internet, joining a reputable MCSA certification course is an excellent way to make sure that you are able to crack the exam in the first attempt. With training courses, you get experienced instructors, a classroom environment which is away from distractions, and the company of other professionals who are preparing for the same exam.

There are a number of popular training providers in India which you can consider for the course. If classroom training is something that you won’t be comfortable with, at least sign-up for an online training course to give yourself the best chances of clearing the MCSA exam.

#4. Consider Practice Tests
You can also search for 70-740 exam practice tests online and you are sure to find a lot of results. The tests would not only help you understand your weak and strong areas but would also get you familiarized with the exam format.

When you have completed your preparations, there is no alternative to practice tests when it comes to revising and testing your knowledge. Just like the learning resources, you can find free as well as paid practice tests for MCSA Windows server 2023 exam. No matter what you select, just make sure that you only use trustworthy websites.

If you want to clear MCSA certification exam in the first attempt, these are some tips that are sure to help. Start preparing in advance and always try to have a study plan in place to make sure that you are thoroughly prepared not just to take the exam but clear it with flying colors.