The most low maintenance haircuts ever

Have to get up and go? Master Stylist Frank Calandrino shares the most effective hairstyles with the least number of maintenance (and which ones to a

Have to get up and go? Master Stylist Frank Calandrino shares the most effective hairstyles with the least number of maintenance (and which ones to avoid!)

When you have medium to beautiful hair with hardly any wave, your morning routine might be quite straightforward. This hair texture enables you to achieve more or less any hairstyle you want with not plenty of work.

And if that’s not you? Read on.

If your hairdresser spends 30 to 40 minutes styling your hair, it’s safe to believe that you most likely didn’t choose a haircut, which will be easy for you really to maintain at home. If you’d prefer not to spend plenty of time with hot dryers and styling tools – and have any texture in your hair i.e., it’s not dead straight – it is additionally vital to steer clear of these:

Avoid The Straight Bob!

Bobs works best with hair that’s little to no texture. Turning thick curly hair (for example) into a pin-straight bob will probably be a tremendous amount of work. If you have a weave, the hair on the nape of the neck is just about 1-3 inches long, so it’s tough to manage Salon near me For you really to style something comfortably in the home, the size of the hair must comfortably fit into the brush and, likely, one won’t.

Avoid Above-The-Shoulder Haircuts

Unless you’re devoted to frequent trips to the salon, short or mid-length cuts can look like you’re awkwardly growing out your hair in a dish cut every few weeks. Chin-length tresses require probably the most number of styling and haircuts, whereas anything sitting at the shoulder or longer doesn’t need as much work.

Still, the thought of a straightforward, “no maintenance” haircut is a bit misleading. No real matter what length cut you go for, everything takes a bit of maintenance. It boils right down to how much time and effort you want to spend in maintaining your style.

Here are a few styles that will enable you to get out the entranceway faster:

The Short Pixie

The most straightforward haircut for a fast everyday routine could be the short pixie. However, it has to be quick and works best on hair that isn’t wavy. The at-home care is straightforward, but to be able to look sharp, you will need to cut it regularly. So, needing to invest in more regular haircuts could be the caveat here.

To style this look, I suggest a balm or hair cream designed for short hair — like Layrite Pomade — to help keep your strands tidy. Men were previously the best consumer of Layrite Pomade; however, now, with hair trends changing, many women have acquired this fantastic product too.

Read More: The Hottest Hair Trends for Summer! With long hair, it is possible to throw it down into a ponytail that is honestly quite practical for a new parent. After your day, I try to personalize the haircut to the person to be able to fit into their lifestyle and allow it to be more comfortable!