Students attend university for a variety of reasons: to study a particular subject in depth, future career, and social life.  In the modern world, university education often leads to a better career.

Let’s explore some of the benefits.

Personal Benefits:

  • University studies will help you to get a better outlook on life.  Social engagement with different people and personalities will help you understand points of view outside of your wheelhouse.
  • At university, students learn skills that are essential to becoming a well-rounded person. These can include things like soft skills and communication skills. 
  • University graduates typically have a better chance at obtaining a career of their choice, thus leading to personal fulfillment.

Career Benefits:

  • Students have access to highly qualified faculty, whom they can learn from. 
  • Most companies require a university degree as a prerequisite for employees. 
  • Students may have the opportunity to work on different projects. Sometimes, start-ups also get initiated from this.
  • Receiving a higher education can offer you a stable future – both financially as well as socially.  

Financial Benefits:

  • Typically, students who receive some form of higher education earn more than those who do not.    

Higher Education is Expensive:

It’s no secret that higher education is pricey.  In Canada, however, Registered Education Savings Plans or RESPs are available to help Canadian families save for college and university education. Subscribing to an RESP from a provider like Children’s Education Funds Inc. (CEFI) can help families effectively save. 

You can learn more about RESPs by clicking on CEFI Reviews.

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