Ten Must-have Features for e-Commerce App

There are different trends and features that keep coming and going on websites and mobile app designs. These trends may include different sorts of an

There are different trends and features that keep coming and going on websites and mobile app designs. These trends may include different sorts of animations, three-dimensional product preview, advanced filter, and product search options. 

However, some of these trends are useful and user-friendly, but most trends do not guarantee conversion and product sales. Every e-commerce website or mobile e-commerce app must have some basic elements in their app to keep it competitive and relevant. 

The following are must-have features for mobile e-commerce apps to attract and retain online shoppers. 

  • Faster processes:

Online shoppers easily get annoyed with the difficult shopping experience and leave sites if they find it difficult to carry out the shopping process. It is highly suggestible for app development companies to put their keen focus on user experience. Add shopping categories, easy filters, and product comparison options. 

To make your e-commerce mobile user-friendly, consider improving search functionality with an auto-completing option with the available products in the app market. Make sure the app navigation is effective and visual. Your mobile e-commerce app should be a user-friendly experience that makes the shopping experience enjoyable enough to retain the buyer for the next shopping as well. 

  • Simple Registration Process

It’s quite obvious that most of the users do not feel easy while filling long forms requiring too much typing and information. Keep your registration process simple and easy. 

  • Multiple Payment Options

To expand your customer base, give them a variety of options for payment methods. Provide them with a safe, secure and hassle-free payment option

Popular mobile payment solutions include:

  1. Apple Pay.
  2. PayPal One-Touch.
  3. Visa Checkout.
  4. Amazon Pay.
  • Simple Navigation

One of the most vital components of an e-commerce mobile app development is the content and screen size. Keeping into consideration the limited space of mobile screens, make sure that the content of your app does not cram up on the device and is visible. A simple and decluttered layout is crucial to an e-commerce mobile app design. Making the design responsive for all sizes of displays is the best solution to keep UI functional. 

  • Include Feedback System

Include a feedback option in your app to solve any customer issues submitted via the feedback option. It gives app users a simple way to report bugs and provide suggestions or complaints.

  • Use Push Notifications

Push notifications are the most effective way to engage users and get them back to your store with a simple technique. Through push notifications, you can promote discount offers, fresh arrivals, and sale announcements. These notifications inspire immediate action and increase sales. 

  • Social Media Login

Use g-mail and Facebook connect to enable your users to use their social media to sign in your e-commerce app. Also, make sure your user can always retrieve their password through the forgot password option. Help them to recover their password through phone or Gmail notification code. 

  • Eliminate Excessive Clicks

When your user is experiencing your app, make sure to eliminate each extra click. Ask less information and make check-outs easy. Conversion rates are likely to diminish significantly when extra data is required to register or sign up. 

  • Offline Features

Many apps become completely unusable and lose data when the connection is poor. That is quite frustrating for the user to lose all the data because of poor connectivity while shopping. Consider including content and interactivity that doesn’t rely on connectivity for a while. This will create a positive user experience.

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