How you can easily 3D scan with a tablet in just a couple of minutes?

Want to 3d scan anything on to go without burning a hole in your pocket? The answer is, Yes is it possible and let me tell you a secret it's very easy

Want to 3d scan anything on to go without burning a hole in your pocket? The answer is, Yes is it possible and let me tell you a secret it’s very easy though. You don’t need a bulky 3d scanning device to do this.

The 3d scanning services are becoming portable day by day and you can scan anything using your phone or your tablet. Using a phone for scanning might not be an ideal choice because of its compact form factor, that’s why the tablet category comes into this game. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot do it with your phone, of course, you can here we have some cool tips and easiest method for 3d scanning using a portable tablet:

How 3d scan works?

It is a cakewalk to create a 3D scan file using a tablet, the only requirement is you that you need to have a 3d scanning App from which you will begin your work. The 3D scanning process on the initial phase consists of a scanning procedure of the actual object in the real time. After that, the 3D scanning algorithms of the app starts rendering the 3D scan and creates a 3D file of that scan. Once all the process is complete, you get to see the final high-quality result of the scan which is completely ready and you can 3d print that object.

How to 3d scan with a tablet?

The first step begins with downloading an application which will let you click a picture of an object which you can compile it to a 3d file. Once you download the app (just search for some popular apps on your app store), follow these simple hacks:

1. The focus must be clear while filming the object. If the focus is not clear, the image will not be stable and it will affect in next steps. So it’s better to use a turntable to capture all aspects of the object. You can move the table in clockwise or anti-clockwise fashion to capture a perfect image.

2. Once you are sure that you have captured the perfect image, save it and let the application do its work from here. Now the image will be processed and rendered by their algorithms and once the process is complete, you can download the 3d file.

3. It’s a better idea to keep your file in your cloud storage so that you can use it wherever you need on the go without carrying the tablet with you.

This is the common procedure for capturing a 3d image of anything. But how to make your capture to look more professional and perfect? We will help you out.

Tips and tricks for better quality:

1. Lighting is everything:
The one thing which separates a professional picture from a normal picture is the proper lighting condition. It should not be too dark or sunny bright while filming. The lighting should be like in such a way that the object will look as natural as possible. Better the image, better the final output.

2.  Distance also matters:
Unlike normal photography, in 3d photography, you need to capture the object from all the aspects i.e you need to revolve around the object or the object needs to be in the rotating condition. The secret for capturing a professional image is to maintain an equal distance while revolving.   

When the distance will be equal from all the sides, you will be able to capture a very good and professional looking image without even using a high-resolution camera.

3. Keep a friendly gap:
You don’t need to capture the image from a considerably long distance. It will destroy the detailing of the object. Just keep a normal distance which is not very far or too close to the object. It will get you a very good image quality.

4. Background for the image matters a lot:
The background of the image matters the most when the quality of the final output is concerned. The background should not be very punchy or bright. The main focus should be on the object, not on the background. But for maintaining a perfect balance of lightning the background matters a lot.

5. Don’t go for a complex object scan:
Scan an object which has simple details so that it can retain it’s original quality while converting it into a real object. This is because the camera of the tablet is not as good as the professional one. If you need a professional 3d print, you must check out Zeal 3d printing, they are the best 3d scanning Melbourne company which offers a variety of online 3d printing services.

Not have a tablet? try your phone instead:
If you are not having a tablet, you can of course use your phone to scan anything, the apps which are available are also available for the phones for both the major platform Android and iOS. But it may be a little bit difficult to operate from a small screen as compared with the tablet’s screen. But if you are having a phone of a bigger screen then you can easily operate the application and scan the object easily.

Printing the object:
Now, what next? you may want to print the image into a physical object. You can contact any 3d printing company to get your object ready. You can customize the material, size, colour and much more and get the perfect object as you want. If you are looking for the best 3d printing company, then you must try out zeal 3d printing, it’s the best rapid prototyping services Australia company which offers you a wide range of professional additive manufacturing services for your every need.

Don’t hold yourself back, be creative and get some coolest stuff using 3d printing technology. You can get also get a 3d printed selfie or a small miniature of your favourite object.

Author Bio: Kiran Hurkadli is the director of Zeal 3D Printing. He is offering 3D Printing Services in Australia for the last some years. He has earned good success in the 3d printing industry for his unique and custom designs for his clients.