Surveillance Software to Monitor 360 Degree – TheOneSpy App

Monitoring and spying mobile applications have become the need of the hour. Whether it is child monitoring or employee monitoring, the spy application

Monitoring and spying mobile applications have become the need of the hour. Whether it is child monitoring or employee monitoring, the spy applications facilitate parents and employers to closely watch out the activities of their concerning ones. Tracking the mobile phone devices of children enables parents to supervise the activities of their loved ones with an aim to protect them from the dangers in the real and cyber life. The employers can monitor their workers to prevent them from needless processes, protect company data and boost employee productivity.

There are numerous spying and surveillance software rightly available on Play Store and other online sources which can make it inconvenient for a beginner to choose a reliable and efficient monitoring solution. To help you get the best, we have reviewed here the most advanced cell phone spy app TheOneSpy and its most innovative feature spy 360.

How Does the Spy App Work?

To get the advantage of the spy application, the user has to download and install the app on the targeted mobile phone. For example, parents can install the surveillance software on their kids’ phones while the employers can get the software installed on their workers’ devices. After successful installation, the mobile spy software gets access to data stored on the targeted device and uploads it to spy app online account. Parents can log into that account anytime and from anywhere to see the information uploaded on that account. The spy app can also be operated from that account from where the user can send a command to the spy app to perform certain functionalities on the monitored device.

360 Degree Feature of the Spy App

What if you could keep tabs on every single activity of your kid in the real and cyber world? With the cell phone surveillance software, you can see where your kids are; what they are doing and what they are talking about. The spy 360 lets you see and listen to the surroundings of your target in real-time. Whatsoever your target is doing or saying, you can monitor it live and without any delay.

Listen to Surroundings

No matter where your kid is and with whom, you can listen to him/her without any hindrance. The spy app lets you remotely operate the microphone of the monitored cell phone to listen to the surrounding sounds and voices. By logging into the online account of the spy software, you can send a command to the targeted phone to turn on the MIC and let you take notes of the surrounding sounds live. This lets you detect where your kids is and with whom and what they are talking about. By remotely and secretly listening to the surrounding sounds of your children, you can find out if they are in some trouble.

Monitor Surrounding Scenes

This is quite similar to listening to the sounds in the vicinity of the targeted phone. The parents can operate the cameras of the mobile phone of their children and see what is going on in the surrounding. To send a command to the targeted mobile phone, the user has to log into the spy app account from where a bug can be generated to take over the front and back cameras of the targeted phone. The cameras will show you what is happening in the surrounding; where the target is and what is he/she doing.

Live Screen Sharing

The screen sharing feature of the surveillance software lets you supervise the mobile phone use of your children. You can monitor whatsoever your kids do on their phone. Whether they are exchanging texts with someone, surfing on the internet, posting their photos on social media accounts, seeing photos or videos on their phone or whatsoever they are doing, you can see each of their activity without accessing their phone. As in above mentioned features, the screen sharing feature of the spy app can also be activated from the spy app account.

The Bottom Line

Of the mobile phone surveillance software presently available, TheOneSpy is found to be the most advanced and feature rich software which is designed for parents and employers. It works in stealth mode and allows monitoring and controlling the targeted device without taking it in possession.