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Student Visa 500: How To Do Work While You Study In Australia

What is Student Visa 500? The Aussie land is well known for the utmost quality educational standards it is serving to the students all round the g

What is Student Visa 500?

The Aussie land is well known for the utmost quality educational standards it is serving to the students all round the globe. Having the preference to pursue education in Australia would not be a wrong decision in any of the cases. One would be available with the organized learning of the courses in the region. The major requirement which rests with the students to move to the region is the Student Visa 500

Coming towards the Student Visa Subclass 500, it incline to be the visa application which avail the overseas students to undergo full time study in Australia. The student is allowed to stay in the Australian region till the completion of the course study. In case the student is below 18 years of age and being accompanied by a guardian or relative, then the person is required to acquire the Student Guardian Visa. 

Conditions for Student Visa Subclass 500

It is vital for the visa applicant that the person should have the prior knowledge of all the student visa subclass 500 conditions for the visa application. Thus, the same would have the inclusion of the following:

    • The student is obliged to indulge in a consistent study program which is being approved in the Australian region. 

    • Requirement too rests for the applicant to fulfill all of the eligibility credentials for having the visa application. 

    • The student is too required to have the proper maintaining of the OSHC (Overseas Students Health Cover ) 

    • The applicant of student subclass 500 is too required to have fair knowledge of all the restrictions being placed on him / her as a student while they stay on the Aussie land. If in case, found with violating of the same may result in the revoking of the visa application. 

Does Student Visa Subclass 500 permit you to work while studying in Australia?

It too rests the question in the minds of the majority of the students that if one could work or not while pursuing the study with visa subclass 500. Yes, there are certain aspects in which the visa permits you to work in Australia along with study. The student is allowed to do part time work  with study. The Australian government has put forth certain conditions for the same. Like, the major one rests with the time period of working. As per the decision of the Department of Home Affairs, the student is allowed to work for 40 hours in the 15 days. One must not exceed the time period as the major reason to move to Australia for the student is study. 

Certain other conditions of working are like the following;

  • The student can work before the commencement of the course study. 
  •   Once the course study is started, the student is allowed to work for the time period of 40 hours per fortnight. 
  •   Between the uni semesters, once the course is out of session, one can work for unlimited number of hours. 
  • One can also take the volunteer type of work in  Australia in case of the below mentioned considerations;
  •   If your main purpose rests only to study in Australia. 
  • The work in which you are involved should not be undertaken by the resident of Australia. 
  •  If the work is truly done for a non profit organization and you do receive the remuneration for the same.
  •    If in case you are just like a busy bee and just indulged in studying, though starting with a Masters by Research or Doctoral degree, then there rests no limit for the individual to study in the Australian region. 

Financial capacity based evidences for the Visa Subclass 500

It is very vital that one must consider the financial aspects in order to study in Australia. The Subclass 500 visa aspirant should have enough funds in order to meet out the travel and the residency based costs in Australia for having the 12 months stay in the region. One must also consider this for those (relatives or guardians) who are accompanying them to Australia. It is all because of the reason that, most probably it happens that you or your relatives could be asked for the evidence of the in respect to the availability of funds. It is also essential that one must have the annual income of around AUD $70,000 for the individuals who are accompanying their family members with them and AUD $60,000 for those who individually come to Australia for study. 
Hope that you are all set for the visa application. If still there rests any of the queries, you can reach the Migration Agent Adelaide. They have years of experience working in the field and you would be well assessed in your visa application.

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