The Step-by-Step Approach to Preparing ID Cards Online

It is now possible to create ID cards easily and quickly by using different online design software and order the print online. There are many professi

It is now possible to create ID cards easily and quickly by using different online design software and order the print online. There are many professional ID card generation and printed services out there, which offer bulk printing also possible to prepare ID cards for so many people. Using these ID card generation services can be very cost-effective as there is no need for you to purchase any design tools, install any software, or have any printing equipment to create IDs.

Let’s here have an overview of a step by step approach to preparing ID cards and printing it.

Step #1: Plan your ID design

You need to have a baseline plan as to how your card looks like, what the purpose of the card is, is it temporary or permanent, and what color combination you want to use to go well with your brand elements. Adequate planning is required before heading to creating your ID on online portals. Having a good plan will help you to complete the design process quicker as you will find endless options out there on online ID design platforms. Plan for the following things like:

  • How is the card used as for whether it to differentiate the employees from the non-employees who need access?
  • Is it to prove someone’s identity for an entry?
  • Is there any need for security features on the card like a bar code or magnetic strip?
  • Do you have to include the photograph of the card holder?

The ideal features of an ID card will be based on the capabilities of your organization. You have to also plan on the facts as:

  • The number of cards needed?
  • Does everyone need an individualized card or it’s a generic card?

Step #2: Accessing an ID creation service online

As we discussed above, there are a huge number of online ID making services you can choose from. If you aren’t already familiar with one, it is ideal to do a quick online search and compare the quality of many to identify which one will be ideal for you. You may also check it out with your colleagues or other known people if they have taken any such services before for suggestions. In any case, make sure that the service you choose is reliable, efficient, and also can offer you different cost-effective options.

Step #3: Choose your template

Once you land on a professional ID creator platform, next, you have to explore and choose your ideal template. Online ID makers will offer you a wide range of template customization options for your unique card creation. Using readymade templates can save a lot of time and also provide you the advantages of using professionally designed layouts. By just drag and drop or by clicking the areas which you want to edit the text and picture, you can customize your template to personalize it.

Step #4: Taking the assistance of an expert

If you don’t find an ideal template to use, then one may have to do the design from scratch. For this also you can make use of the design software which offers you many features and drag and drops options to build the desired layout and text. If you find it difficult, it is possible to take the assistance of an ID design expert from InstantCard ID cards online who will help you custom design the card based on your inputs at an additional cost.

Step #5: Choose the options

There will be various options to choose from both in terms of designing the front and back portion of your ID card. Some options to choose from are:

  • Orientation as horizontal, vertical, portrait, or landscape.
  • Various text fonts
  • The layout of text to appear on the card
  • Image or logo
  • Background color
  • Photographs
  • Holographs to be printed
  • Lamination
  • Material for printing the card as plastic, paper, etc.
  • Punching the tag hole
  • Including bar code or magnetic strip.

Step #6: Ordering and printing

Next, you can choose the accessories also as needed to be attached to the card as any clip, lanyard, badge holder, etc. to carry the card. There is a wide range of choices available in terms of ID card accessories, varying in cost.

Decide the number of copies you want to order a print. If you are printing the ID only for yourself, then you may need just a copy, but usually, the need is to print it for a group of people as employees or delegates. With this, you have to share their photographs and personal details also in a separate folder and also mention the order to be printed. Most of the ID creation services online will offer big discounts on ordering a higher number of cards to be printed.

Once the designing and order placement is done, you can next choose the shipping options. If you are in urgent need, there are instant printing and expedited shipping options available, which you can avail at some extra cost. On online orders, it is also possible to set online tracking of the shipment also to ensure that the consignment reaches to you on time.

Choosing the best online ID card service

In the entire endeavor of making ID cards online, the single most important move is to choose the right ID card service online to rely on. Here are some tips for choosing the best.

  • There are basic entry level design software and premium ID makers available. The basic models are ideal for preparing temporary delegate cards or so, but you may choose the premium card makers on preparing permanent or high-profile permanent ID cards.
  • You may check the online rating of different providers to see who cores the highest. You can also view the client feedback about the service providers to see if they offer good quality services.
  • With high competition in this sector, you have a chance of getting discounts also offered by online ID card providers, so you may try and negotiate with them also to enjoy the best pricing.

It is always to consider various options, explore the card design interface of multiple providers, and also compare their pricing in order to find out the best one matching to your need in hand.